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    It costs $250 to clean my 2 bedroom home.

    Hiring cleaning service. Still cheaper than a gf. :lol:
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    The other side is not always as great.

    I know this forum has a lot of guys here who are not getting laid much, but this forum is also for guys who are on the other end: they get lots of sex but cant nail down a genuine woman. https://youtube.com/shorts/HmE8EMSHZLc?feature=share
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    Boys from single mother households and escaping the nest.

    This is something I've yet to see discussed in the field yet. Boys becoming men who have went through this feminist raising mostly came from mother centric homes, whether single mother or not. And when they change, they will conflict hard with the other lady in their lives: their mothers. This...
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    Women and comfort level with culture/ race bias.

    This is not a thread complaining about why girls do not like x race. This is a thread to explain that women not being into you right away is not the end all be all. We see things around here like choosing signals, cold approaching, waiting for the right eye catch, etc. The reality is that women...
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    Do not call your mate your "partner"

    Currently there's a big trend of couples referring to each other as partners rather than lovers, mates, girlfriend/ boyfriend. It's part of the current progressive lingo talk to equalize the role of both people in a relationship. Aka, neither owns the other. If you are forced to do this, you are...
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    Sex Positions

    I always found this funny, but I think it's a good topic as any. I've been able to pull off many of the lying positions in sex, but the ones I can't do at all are the holding the woman up or doing it while we're standing. I think it's something about lacking the spontaneity of the situation or...
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    Is rapid sex similar to the gay sexual scene?

    I heard a unique talking point earlier that all the rampant sex we have today is due in part to the rampant sex that happens in the gay community. As a result, all the sex that women are having is potentially due in part because of the symptoms of this sexual revolution that occurred. As a...
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    It hurts more to men when relationships are broken off than to women.

    I am going to play devil's advocate for a second to when we say "Next" to anyone that has a woman that is ****testing them too much or disrespecting them. It's the right answer for when you barely know the person, but when it's a girl you've been around for a while, it is unavoidable to have a...
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    Fat B*tches ruin hookups and making new girl acquiatainces

    I would not have written this thread if I did not have the same pattern throughout my experience talking with girls. But seriously, I really hate fat b*tches. They always ruin what you have going with a girl. To give summary, I've been getting attention all night at a super bowl party...
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    It's Valentine's Weekend!

    Take advantage of all the women out there who pretend they have abundance but don't and will be stuck with just their fingers and magic wand less she can grab a man out of some desperation!
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    Grass aint always greener: Oneitis

    I think we all know that feeling. You get a girl on your rotation, you guys are having fun as fwbs. Then suddenly one day...she gets all jealous seeing you with other girls. Suddenly she becomes upset that you banging chicks and then starts trying to ****test and guilt trip you to become her...
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    Fresh & Fit vs Flagrant: Having Preferences for Women

    A topic of this was bound to come up with the recent controversy with F&F. I figure we do some discussion here, too. For those who don't know what's going on: F&F got invited onto Andrew Schultz's show to discuss why they said they don't like black women. Props for a liberal show to actually...
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    With international travel and tourism at a standstill, the effects on domestic and intl girls

    So it's been two years now that the governments around the world have stopped us from enjoying tourism and traveling, especially the airline industry. As a result, we've barely been getting any international girls coming over, or vice versa. In effect, everyone is just locked down at the moment...
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    What the hell is going on with crypto showing up in commercials?

    I am a very untrusting person when it comes to tv and ads. And the one scary thing I keep seeing, including among social media, is an increase in crypto term usage. Especially by people who normally never talk about it. What was even scarier is that last night while watching the game, a...
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    NoFap is a weird thing.

    NoFap never made any sense to me. I've masturbated hours before going to have sex. And sometimes, after having sex, I'll still masturbate when I'm back home. I always suspected that the reason people don't fap is mostly cause they cannot get a woman, and think no fapping will improve their...
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    Leonardo Dicaprio meets Jeff Bezos's new gf

    What an interesting six seconds this was.
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    Older women angry at Drake for dating younger girl.

    And the world keeps spinning. It's nice to see all the info on female behavior still being correct to this day and age.
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    Meanwhile in Texas...

    What a summer it has been. Trails have been packed, restaurants packed, lots of traffic, six parks constantly full, bars and clubs packed to the brim. And no sign of stopping. Bar friends are making loads of money a weekend, too. Girls are out and about looking sexy af. Families with their...