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    LR: Liftoff of the shuttel

    I decided to go out for the evening. Booked a hotel near a casino so I could drink. Wanted to go to a club on a slow night. The club was totally dead. Just chatted with bartender chick. Bartender: Do you want Bacardi and coke? I think I’ve seen you here before, and that’s what you...
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    Any tips for introverts?

    Rather than jump into some existing thread, I figured that I would just start a new one on this. When it comes to attracting women, we hear a lot about the importance of being "social," and the word "charisma" gets thrown around a lot too. But, unfortunately, to an introvert, all of this can...
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    FR: Insta-date at a conference

    Didn't score, but figured I'd share it anyway. So I check into a hotel for a conference the next day. (I'm just here one night.) I take my "disco nap" and then go to the hotel bar about 9pm. I stand behind the "sniper" approach that I preach. In other words, just pick one target and do...
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    (Mini) Field Report: Dance Class

    I take ballroom dance. I went to one of the studio's dances on Friday night. I see three women together: one tall brunette maybe about 30 yo; one blonde maybe 32 yo; and another much younger blonde say 18 yo. Anyway, I'm dancing with a few ladies from class because I know them and their...
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    How to avoid a comma splice

    I hate to be an English punctuation n a zi, but I see the dreaded comma splice in a LOT of posts. As a general rule, never link two stand-alone sentences with a comma. 1. Break them up into separate sentences. Or 2. Use a semi-colon instead of a comma. Or 3. Use a comma...
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    Is a big ego strictly necessary to be successful? If so how much?

    The "Better than you" thread got me thinking. Rather than hijack that thread, I figured I'd start a new one. It's sort of a chicken and egg question. We know a lot (but not all) successful people have big egos, even including arrogance. Did the big ego drive them to success or did success...
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    What's the funniest thing you heard a female say?

    We've talked about the funniest things you guys have said to a girl. What is/are the funniest thing(s) you've heard HER say? I'll go first... 1. I was double grinding two women in the club way back. Some guy tried to steal girl #2. She SCREAMED at him, "We're with Mike. We're his...
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    Mike32ct's Tips on Writing Field Reports

    In order to encourage more field reports, I thought I'd share some ideas and tips on how to write them. 1. A field report can be about ANY interaction that involves women or attempting to interact with women. It doesn't have to be just young guys writing about Saturday night. A guy of any...
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    Field Report:

    I always say drop the ego and don't cherry pick your FRs. Post the bad ones too. So here I go... The thumbs down is no accident this time :). I text this HB8 to see what she's up to. Mike: Hey HB8: Hiya. I'm getting a manicure and pedicure. I'll call you when I get back. Mike: <Don't...
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    Red Dawn

    Anybody else see it? What did you think? I thought it was pretty good.
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    Field Report: Gotta run to dance class

    I stopped at this bar after work for something to eat. I chatted up the bartender lady. BartenderCougar: Hey Mike. How was work? You gonna have the usual? Mike: Good thanks. Yes. BartenderCougar: I loved those Vegas pictures you showed me last week. That's in California right? Mike...
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    Field Report: 2,900 Miles to the Last Elevator

    Introduction: As you guys know, I'm a major late bloomer. No action until 28. Then, I got VERY very active in the game until about age 35. I did quite well and learned a TON of useful tips by trial and error. I share them with you guys whenever I can. After 35, maybe it was just a bad...
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    Finally broke the dry spell !

    Pulled a 42 yo HB7 MILF (looks 34 to 36) from the bar last night. Too exhausted for a field report right now :)
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    Women aren't visual like men

    Women aren't visual like men. They go by their feelings rather than what they see. Women notice your height, face, race, eyes, skin tone, jawline, hair, facial hair, teeth, shoulders, arms, chest, abs, a$s, legs, weight, feet, shoes, shirt, watch, belt, trousers, who you are with, what car you...
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    Balding.... Not sure what to do... Shave it, etc?

    Hey guys. From 2006 through 2010, I've had a small bald spot on the crown/top of my head, but with spiky hair in the front, cool clothes, and a decent face, I still did very well for myself with the ladies. (See last pic.) By the last two years, the bald spot has grown much bigger. Now...
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    Field Report: Saturday Night - HB Sales Rep

    I went out to this bar. I got a seat at the bar. This dude sitting next to me starts chatting me up. He's part of some group of decent looking girls. He wanted me to be his wing. (Maybe he was just friends with the girls?) He also tells me that I'm a "good looking mofo.". (I actually get...
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    Field Report - Saturday Night (nothing special)

    I haven't been out in a while, so I'm quite rusty. Got to the bar at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night. Despite being so early, I still couldn't find a seat. I don't like to be the creepy guy standing alone with a drink, but it was all I could do. I'm drinking my Rum 'n Coke. No viable...
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    Respect the fact that she has good taste

    One problem I see is a lot of guys getting too hung up women that rejected them or flaking on them or playing games with them. But then they DOWNPLAY the women that do show interest because she might not be a 9 or 10. I'm not necessarily suggesting that you hook up with a fatty (unless...
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    The most frustrating part of this game...

    I think the most frustrating part of this game is not really knowing what the actual problem is. Let's say a guy is consistently striking out with women. Friends and other community guys both online and in person can give some helpful advice, but everyone has their own theory. For...
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    Mike's Look & Hairstyle

    I've been meaning to post a pic to get some feedback. I will keep the pics on here for a limited time for privacy reasons, maybe a few hours or a day tops. http://www.flickr.com/photos/75217535@N06/ The picture on the right (with the black shirt) was me in late 2010. Actually, that setup...