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  1. Scars

    Is going back to a woman that cheated ALWAYS beta?

    Looking to have a thoughtful discussion here. For the sake of argument, let's just classify men into 2 groups (I know there is more, but I want to keep it simple) A. ) Red pilled man. Lives a bachelor lifestyle. Plans to sleep with as many different women as he possibly can before he dies. Has...
  2. Scars

    I planned 2 dates this week and one left me a hicky..

    So I got this girls number on FB and setup to meet her up mid week (probably Tuesday or Wednesday) that same night, I just spontaneously hung out with this other chick. We had some drinks and she spent the night. This girl ended up biting the **** out of my neck and lip, and I have like 3 marks...
  3. Scars

    Does your reputation precede you?

    Was talking with a girl I banged not too long ago, and she casually mentioned in conversation that before she met me she was "warned" by other guys that I am a player / "man wh0re" and I should be avoided.. well, you already know the ending and she definitely didn't listen to that advice...
  4. Scars

    Woman confesses she no longer loves BF after finding out he was raped

    Kinda f*cked up.. but further proof that women will devalue you completely if you do (or in this case experience) anything that emasculates you.
  5. Scars

    What do you guys think when you see sh!t like this?

    This is the reason why 5s and 6s act like they're 9s and 10s.. what makes it worse is beta males like these posts and sometimes even share this stuff! It blows my mind. POF is probably the worst dating app on the planet as well.. the girls that seem to inbox me look like fvcking ogres. No damn...
  6. Scars

    Lay Report + Texting tips

    Hardly see any lay reports since I've been back here.. been on this forum since 2007, and I used to see at least one a week back in the day! We need to share our experiences and help these young lads. This is a lay report from my most recent plate. She's basically in the FWB zone now, she is...
  7. Scars

    I somehow remembered my 13 year old password..

    Any of the old timers still around?
  8. Scars

    Time For Another Scars Lay Report

    So, I don't know how many of you have been following my story lately, but I kinda went through some ****. Got broken up with my baby mama, ended up fooling around a few months later, caught an STD, then find out she is pretty much serious with another dude and got ignored. Went through a severe...
  9. Scars

    Anyone here used Minoxidil for a patchy beard?

    I ordered a 3 month supply off Amazon, but then I ended up going to CVS and they had it there so I bought it there as well, so now I have a 6 month supply. I've done a little research and there are guys saying they can turn the little blonde "vellus" hairs I think they're called, and make them...
  10. Scars

    I finally found some COMFORT in getting over my ex

    So I haven't been able to sleep lately, my mind has been going crazy. I thought I was over my ex (who is also my baby mama), and I pretty much was. But a few nights ago I was driving my daughter around looking at Christmas lights and happened to be in my exes neighborhood and I saw some stupid...
  11. Scars

    Update on my "std"

    Not sure who has been following my lately, but I was 110% sure my ex gave me Gono. Turns out we both tested negative, but I did/do have a UTI (urinary tract infection) which SHE gave me. She had no symptoms, but tested + for some bacterial infection. That's how I know it's from her. My penis was...
  12. Scars

    Good watch brands that fit small wrist?

    Hey guys. I got a problem. I'm in the market for a watch. Something that looks luxury without breaking the bank too much. Just a little something that looks flashy and gives off a little social proof. My only problem is, I have small wrists and most watches don't fit me correctly. The always end...
  13. Scars

    Stuck in a pickle..

    So, idk how many of you guys have been following my last few threads, but I'm kinda in a situation. Found out my ex (baby mama) was sleeping with other dudes after we broke up/on a "break". Of course, I didn't find out until I got the clap and called her out on it. She admitted to being sexual...
  14. Scars

    How to go NC when you have a kid?

    Man, it was so much easier in my younger days... if a ***** did me wrong, I just went NC immediately, and I was over it within a week or so... but with my baby mama I am forced to stay in contact with her because of the daughter we have together. I've been pretty good for the most, only keeping...
  15. Scars

    Where do you draw the line? What is forgivable

    Just wondering where you mature guys draw the line where you're able to forgive a woman for something. I am in an interesting situation. I have a baby mama and we separated, both been doing our own thing. I haven't slept with any girl sense the break up, I've just been focusing on my business...
  16. Scars

    Would you date/marry a fat chick for $$$$?

    Let's try and keep it realistic, and say she isn't a famous fat celeb or musician etc.. Let's just say she's a nurse or something and makes decent money, has her own house (that's nice and big), drives a nice car etc.. seems to have it all but is missing a man in her life. The question is...
  17. Scars

    3 month old daughter in the middle

    Long story short, I've been trying to make it work with girlfriend/ex but the flame has been out for sometime. I sealed my fate by trying to make a move on an acquaintance of hers and I got caught, but even before then she was accusing me of things I wasn't even doing at all, and painting me...
  18. Scars

    Working Arms Twice A Week ?

    Right now my routine is as follows: Mon: Chest/Triceps Wed: Biceps/Back Fri: Shoulders/Legs I was reading this article: http://jimmysmithtraining.com/six-pack-diet/13-tricks-for-bigger-arms-how-to-get-bigger-arms and this guy went on to say he trains his arms twice a week. I just picked...
  19. Scars

    BPD music

    How does this song make you feel SS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pbW7bRD6qc&feature=player_detailpage A girl posted this on my facebook. No, she's not an ex, she isn't even a girl I've fvcked, although she did try pretty hard while I was single. However, I've always had a strong...
  20. Scars

    Not sure if I was lucid or astral projected

    Been sick these past two days with a cold, so I've been taking medicine and quite a few naps. Anyways, I had a lucid dream this morning but it felt a lot different than all the other ones I've experienced. I was in a dream and saw my two nieces. They were in my bathroom both sitting on the...