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  1. RBK

    Where do you get the energy from to keep up with life as you get older?

    I think a lot of us face this 35+... we are entering a new stage of life where usually the basics are covered (housing, food etc) so we have to find new challenges. I end up in these ruts sometimes when things are stagnant. I try to change my fitness routine, or start a new small business...
  2. RBK

    Online Dating: Girls who say "I'm not comfortable yet, lets talk a little more first" when you ask them out

    90% of women on OLD are looking for attention and have no intention of meeting.
  3. RBK

    Your golden window for your princess is age 22 - 25

    Agree 100%. 22-26 is definitely the sweet spot, post 27 they are looking to settle down and their ovaries are ringing for babies.
  4. RBK

    Female Orgasms

    Migraines is a new one, I always thought the crying after sex was odd.
  5. RBK

    Dating in your 40's...the women are bat s crazy

    Yikes at 30+ women, stay in the 23-26 age range.
  6. RBK

    Is there anything at all that we can take or do that will make us feel like we are in our 20s again?

    Testosterone can certainly help if your levels are low. Eating right, enough gym... lift heavy.
  7. RBK

    Are women getting easier for you guys?

    Women who are 30+ are in deep **** right now. So many younger girls taking their spot. No man in his 30s whos single and succesful wants a woman in their 30s. I know a pile of these "instagram" 30-35 year olds and dudes in their 50-60s constantly taking them on vacation because they can't find a...
  8. RBK

    would a nice car help?

    I've had nice cars for 15+ years, it has never once helped me with women. Make sure your car is clean inside and out, most women don't know the difference anyway and you don't want the women who do.
  9. RBK

    I'm in the best relationship of my life right now

    Chinese farmer proverb. http://www.drmarlo.com/dr-marlo-speaks/maybe-so-maybe-not-well-see/
  10. RBK

    Was Will Smith Alpha for Slapping Chris Rock after he Disrespected his Wife?

    Biggest beta cuck in hollywood.
  11. RBK

    How to pull women that are half your age at the beach without looking creepy?

    Not mutually exclusive. I know a lot of high value dudes that are creepy as ****.
  12. RBK

    Anyone ever change her mind after she blew you off?

    Iron Rule of Tomassi #7 It is always time and effort better spent developing new, fresh, prospective women than it will ever be in attempting to reconstruct a failed relationship. Never root through the trash once the garbage has been dragged to the curb. You get messy, your neighbors see you...
  13. RBK

    Most relationships don't work, so what is one to do?

    Always enjoy your posts.
  14. RBK

    How to pull women that are half your age at the beach without looking creepy?

    Be attractive. I've been lifting for 15 years and look 30. Be high value and have status. Confidence helps a lot here. However young women are insanely boring and have attention span like cats. Invite the group to a bar or club later to link up. They really just want to have a good time. Be...
  15. RBK

    How I know ive lost my looks...

    TRT isn't really the shortcut that people think it is. It still requires a lot of training and proper diet to stay in decent shape.
  16. RBK

    How I know ive lost my looks...

    Thought he was much taller than that for some reason.
  17. RBK

    How I know ive lost my looks...

    I mean, hard to compare most people to Jocko who is like 6'5 and built like a brick **** house.
  18. RBK

    Question for very attractive dudes

    Women are not us. They do not like us for our looks solely. This is why you see ugly dudes with hot women.
  19. RBK

    Gray hair: keep or dye?

    Some are OK, embrace your grays. I wouldn't dye it at your age.
  20. RBK

    Getting no dates, what am I doing wrong?

    Sady the height isn’t helping. Woman especially younger are incredibly shallow with height. Lift heavy, work on confidence.. its all we can do. Its a numbers game with women.