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  1. Smok1nAce

    Ex contacted me after 10 years.

    ex gf contacted a mutual person we know of Instagram to give him, her number, to give to me. (I dont have any social media). This was over the weekend and I decided to text her today (4 days later). She really seems like she went of the rails and is still "figuring out life" (shes 27 now) since...
  2. Smok1nAce

    Would This Creepy?

    So I'm returning to a summer internship. Since leaving last summer I've been thinking of this girl and how I really should have pulled the trigger but didn't out of stress from the job, school, working out and just plan not being ready to date. A couple of people at the job said she was really...
  3. Smok1nAce

    Girl Playing Hard To Get or is It Me. Advice needed.

    So im in class taking an exam. This girl next to me was cute so as she walks down and ask the teacher a question, I try and lock eyes with her to see if she interested. we lock eyes and i can tell she was. she sits back down to take the exam as she taking the exam she kept glancing over at me...
  4. Smok1nAce

    Mixed Signals In Bed

    So i meet this girl on tinder hooked up. During the sex she asked if i was done yet, (mind you he had probably been at it for maybe 10-15 min). I then hurry up and finish another 5 min later. After, she says "wow you know what you doing". (it didnt sound sarcastic at all). As im leaving she...
  5. Smok1nAce

    Do Women look at you just for a rise?

    Ive been told im a fairly attractive guy, I have women looking at me constantly at work, younger (22) older (40's, 50's), and women in long term relationships and some who are married. Do I approach or do these women just want to get a reaction out of me?
  6. Smok1nAce

    Is she interested or an i just wasting time?

    so over the last 3 months ive been on 4 dates with a HB7, she 26 from a rough neighborhood with no car, dead end job and a bad attitude, (never towards me, but i can tell she has one). i will call her up once a month for drinks and she always replies and say yes, ive tried to kiss her last time...
  7. Smok1nAce

    Any one ever feel this way...

    ,,im not shy or anything i just dont have energy to develop relationships with women. i see a cute girl and i say mane i gonna go talk to her but then something in the back of my mind tells me why?... Then i have to talk to her...develop a relationship and go on dates and stuff. for what? to...
  8. Smok1nAce

    Are all women manipulative?

    I thought i had a good relationship about 2 years ago and i ended up just being in a manipulative relationship with a low quality women. I have got to know a dozen of women since then and they always try to manipulative me? Is there something im doing wrong? Im 22 years old and good looking guy...
  9. Smok1nAce

    Girl Asks, "Was This just a one night stand?"

    my repsonse, "well that depends on you definition". so i meet a girl at a bar, we dance then sit down and talk for a little. While talking i say, " we should go to get sumthing to eat", she says yeah and we leave in her car and we grab somthing to eat, I bought her a drink at the bar so she...
  10. Smok1nAce

    Am I On The Right Path ??

    So im 22 years old going to college and will finish up and move out late next year. and have just right now slowed the bitter red pill you people talk about here. I was never a popular kid in highschool, i was quiet, there where always girls chasing after me (mostly hoe$), but non the less...
  11. Smok1nAce

    The Texting Game. Need Advice.

    So i started texting this girl. not really interested but my dad set me up so ill give it a shot. I dont go on many dates so i texted her and said the fallowing... Yesterday. ME: Hey this is __ ,____ son, my dad works with your mother. How Is it Going? Her: Hey! Im good. How are you? ME...
  12. Smok1nAce

    Girl at work avoiding me?

    so i causally talk with this girl at work, say hi, she always ask me "Im good how are you" same every time i ask. i small talk a little with her here and there, but nothing serious, still trying figure her out. so today another co-worker ask "oh so i see we cant say hi" and i go back to her and...
  13. Smok1nAce

    Do you stand a chance if your not funny?

    Im not really funny i make witty comments hear and there but im not really funny. do i stand a chance if im not funny with girls?
  14. Smok1nAce

    How to make girls laugh?

    ok I was told before im a funny guy. but when i out and about i dont really make girls laugh. i come off to serious. any tips. (Im a naturally serious guy)
  15. Smok1nAce

    Need Advice

    So i broke up with this girl about a year ago, (we dated for 2 years) I still think about her but only when life gets slow. Before I dated her and while I was dating her i was pretty much innocent to how girls are, i let her take advantage of me and never really let my nuts hang in the...