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    Forgiving vs holding grudges...

    How do you all feel about forgiving people versus holding grudges or just staying angry? Obviously the easy answer is to say forgive.. however if someone insulted or did something bad to a loved one it's easier said than done.. Also if someone you were close with/trusted does something bad...
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    Nitric Oxide Booster

    Does anyone know much about this? Apparently it increases blood flow which leads to a ton of overall benefits. I might try some, just want to make sure there's nothing dangerous about it.. I'm all about natural supplements..
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    Playstation 5

    Does anyone have it? What games are good? I think you can play PS4 games on it right? Are the games available for PS4 better than those for PS5?
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    When is too old for men to have kids?

    I am in my 40s and may try for an kid soon. I am definitely late compared to my contemporaries who all already have kids, some fully grown even. Is there an age as a man where having a kid just wouldn't be feasible?
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    Does anyone here have sisters?

    For those that grew up with a sister, I'm curious if that provided any additional insight into the female psyche etc...
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    Single Moms prefer you have kids or no?

    I've been targeting single moms recently and had a question around strategy... Do you think they would prefer you have kids? Do you think they would prefer if you didn't have kids? Do you think they wouldn't care either way? The last few I hooked up with, I was honest and said I didn't have...
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    Would a girl I met once 2 years ago remember me?

    I went on a double date so to speak 2 years ago. The outing lasted about 2 hours. I started talking to this girl again under a different persona and she wants to meet me. I'm thinking of growing out some facial hair and maybe having a different hair style. Do you think she'd remember me? We...
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    How many women have you had sex with?

    Curious to see what results are. This is all anonymous so hoping it yields realistic results.
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    Hand Job MILF Ghosted - Victory?

    I couldn't really think of what I wanted the appropriate title of this thread to be... I just know I need to write this out for myself as it's been randomly bugging me. A few years ago I met this MILF off POF. She was like 38 at the time with two kids and divorced. Her ex husband cheated on...
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    Facial Hair/Mustache/Beard

    I've always been clean shaven but thinking of trying this look for a little experiment. I have no idea how to maintain it though. Like you should shave your cheeks and neck and leave just the stash and beard? I heard you even can use a buzzer on your stash and beard.. I'd be scared I'd mess...
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    Oldest age woman you'd have sex with?

    I remember when I was a young teen to mid 20s I used to think women in their 30s were old and even thought having sex with a woman over 40 was gross. As I've gotten older that number seems to be increasing... I still prefer younger women but I don't see women in their early 40s as gross...
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    Slvtty Women with Daddy Issues - Good or Bad?

    I'm just posting some random thoughts I've been having... What's on my mind right now are Sluts... One hand there is something sexually arousing that I crave with wanting to bang girls that like sex and have a decent partner count. On the other hand you start thinking about STDs etc.... which...
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    Milf who does Crystal Meth - hook up?

    Long story short I've been chatting with this milf on and off for about a year. It started on Facebook then I got her number and we text. She is a single mom living with her parents with two kids. The father is some dirt bag and I guess it's a typical white trash story. Anyway she has told...
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    John Lennon

    One of the greatest musicians in history.. had it all: money,drugs,women... He wrote this great song when he finally was at peace with himself.
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    Best way to cease contact with a short term relationship?

    I just want to bang a girl I'm talking to or dating.. whether it's one time bang or several times, what is the best way to end things so she doesn't hate you? In the past I've basically pulled back on contact.. basically less and less until I just stop completely... But is there a better more...
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    Aaron Rodgers - Successful but a good leader/teammate?

    I follow a young sports analyst on Youtube who's channel is called Strong Opinion Sports. He actually came out and criticized Aaron Rodgers character as a leader and teammate. From what I've seen on mainstream media Aaron Rodgers is mostly praised as being one of the best NFL quarterbacks of...
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    Brian Austin Green - The Most Attractive Man of our Generation?

    I saw there was a Megan Fox thread which I admittingly didn't read. It did make me think of Brian Austin Green though... This guy has banged Kelly Kapowski, Vanessa Marcil, Megan Fox.... Do you consider this the pinnacle? I guess millennials need not respond lol
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    Anyone scared to get old?

    I mean really old... When you ache all the time, can't move well... Need others to help you accomplish tasks you see as simple today. Examples tying shoes, walking up stairs etc.... Sucky part of the life process if you ask me Carpe diem!
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    Mike Tyson figured out life...

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    Are most of the people you grew up with married, have children or both?

    Randomly looked up some people I went to high school with.. once I found one I clicked on others who they had on their friends list etc... Most are married (some twice over) and have children.. It's such a weird feeling I get looking at it.. just thinking about how they used to be and it's...