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    Getting things done and achieving your goal

    Many of us including myself suffer from not getting things done, both in terms of procrastination and not finishing off tasks. I've been addressing this in my personal life and business life, and want to celebrate by sharing a real story of a recent scenario involving me successfully completing...
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    Stop giving women an excuse for flaking

    Recently I have been seeing more threads on the forum relating to women flaking. Handling a flake and recovering from a flake. A woman flaking comes down to low interest or medium interest, her desire to flake outweighs the prospect of her getting dressed, leaving her house and meeting with...
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    Stop pursuing women with low and borderline medium interest!

    It's a common theme I see on this forum where a woman is showing very low interest or at best borderline medium interest, and the poster wants advice on how to convert the lady into a high interest prospect. Yes it is possible to convert low interest woman into a high interest woman and it...
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    A random guy at the club cannot compete with Tinder, Bumble and her social circle

    There are so many nonsense threads talking about "club game", whether its getting her number at the club and following up the next day or getting her back to your house for a quick lay, I am here to say that its an inefficient way of meeting women and you'll lose out to men she meets on social...
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    If you get her number at the club she won't remember you the next day!

    The truth is getting a girls in the number in the club means nothing in 2021. I have been preaching for donkey’s years that the club is a terrible place to meet women! Yes people do meet women in the club but even a broken clock is right twice a day. In the club you are up against so many...
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    Is approaching women at the club for low value men?

    I believe the club is a dwelling for many low value men to lust over women. The majority of men will eye up women but not approach, and the few men whom do approach will not get anywhere. When you speak to a lady at the club you're already in a subservient position, because you've revealed...
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    Sudden Low Interest Level After 1 Day.

    This is a long post, so I appreciate it if you can read it and give me feedback on how I handled this situation. I've been gaming this girl for about 3 months and seeing this girl on a sexual level for about 2 months. She used to love public displays of affection i.e. holding hands...
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    23 Year old Virgin: I'M NOT AFC!

    I have been a long time lurker on this forum for the last 7 years, but I've come to the point where change isnt happening fast enough. I'm not a AFC by any stretch, I do not put women on a pedestal, I'm not a bad boy or a thug, actually I'm well educated yet I'm a 23 year old virgin, I haven't...