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  1. Bokanovsky

    The absolute insanity of what's happening in the world right now

    Yesterday, the Russians bombed a military base in western Ukraine. The Ukrainians have a number of military bases in close proximity to the Polish border, which are being used to train foreign volunteers and stockpile weapon supplied by NATO. Poland is a NATO member. It is entirely conceivable...
  2. Bokanovsky

    Stop looking for simple explanations

    At the risk of making an esoteric post, I think that this a key issue that stands in the way of self-improvement for many here. And, in fairness, not just here, as what I am describing is a common human trait. People want to discover an epiphany. They want a simple explanation for whatever...
  3. Bokanovsky

    Girl complains that I don't show her enough affection

    I don't know if I'm really asking for advice or typing this out for self-reflection. Still, it would be good to get some input on this rather silly situation. For context, she is in her late 20's. No kids. Eastern European but spent most of her life here. Very attractive - easily an 8. She's...
  4. Bokanovsky

    "Good Old Days" never existed

    There seems to be a common misconception among people, including on this board, that things were drastically better for the average man in the past. That's not really the case. Regardless of whether your frame of reference is 2012 or 2002 or 1972 or 1822, the historical records suggests that...
  5. Bokanovsky

    What's up with the proliferation of incel slang on this forum?

    I see people talking about "Chads", "Tyrones", "money-maxxing", "looks-maxxing" (whatever the hell the means)...And my question is why? Incel ideology is antithetical to this forum. SS is all about self-improvement. Incels are basically a bunch of losers who chose to wallow in self-pity instead...
  6. Bokanovsky

    Ever had a girl you’ve been on a date with set you up with one of her friends?

    I went on one date with this girl about a year ago. The first date went well, but things didn’t go anywhere after that. I was pretty busy at work around that time and was not in a hurry to set up the second date. I guess I was also a bit slow responding to her texts. When I finally got around to...
  7. Bokanovsky

    Women and occupations

    Having dated women from all walks of life, I find it interesting that I have had consistently positive or negative experience with women in certain professions. My most positive experiences have been with women in technical fields: finance, accounting, and even IT. It should be noted that I do...
  8. Bokanovsky

    The appeal of superhero movies

    It seems like 60-70% of big budget Hollywood films made these days are based on comic book superhero franchises. Can someone explain the appeal of those movies to adult audiences? I can understand being impressed by Batman or Superman if you are eight years old, but as an adult moviegoer, how...
  9. Bokanovsky

    Success with women can be narrowed down to one fundamental principle

    To be successful with a woman, you have to make her perceive that you have higher value that she does. With very few exceptions, this is a hard and fast rule. How that translates from theory to practice can vary significantly. You could be objectively a very high value man (i.e. good-looking...
  10. Bokanovsky

    Why the Kavanaugh nomination circus should scare the sh*t out of each and every one of you

    By all accounts, Kavanugh is as close to a boy scout as you can find in Washington. Married father, goes to church, coaches his daughters' basketball team, the whole nine yards. Nominated and appointed to numerous important government jobs in the past; thoroughly investigated as part of the...
  11. Bokanovsky

    Every single one of you is an abuser of women

    If you ever amount to something in this life and become rich, famous or perhaps even semi-rich/semi-famous, there is a very good chance that some of the women you have dated, hit on or spoken to at some point in your life will accuse you of sexual assault or harassment. The bar has been set so...
  12. Bokanovsky

    Judge Roy Moore

    Let's put Judge Moore's politics aside for a moment and look at the allegations made against him. He stands accused on "inappropriate sexual conduct" with four women back in the 1970's. Three of these women were in the 16-19 y.o. range. The age of consent in Alabama is 16. Judge Moore went of...
  13. Bokanovsky

    The great culture war of the 21st century

    What we are seeing in America (and to a lesser extent Europe) right now is the early stages of a culture war the likes of which we have not seen since the 1960's. Back then, the assault on the status quo came from the left (i.e. anti-war protests, civil rights movement, feminism, etc.) The left...
  14. Bokanovsky

    An observation on women and their hair

    I find that one of the most obvious tell-tale signs of a woman being crazy (I don't want to say BPD, as the term is overused in my opinion) is frequent change of hairstyles - i.e changing hair color, cutting her hair short only to let it grow long again, etc. Without exception, every woman I...
  15. Bokanovsky

    The Democrats rigged the election - just not enough to win

    The U.S. has one the craziest electoral systems in the world. I am not talking about the electoral college, but rather the fact that in most sates, you don't even need a photo ID to vote. In some of the most populous states, including California and New York, you don't need any ID period. You...
  16. Bokanovsky

    Proof that you can be rich as hell and still a failure with women

    Case in point: Mark Zuckerberg. I kind of feel bad for the guy. It seems like he's got some major issues that no amount of money can fix. He's 32 years old and worth $50 billion. His wife looks like someone that an average trucker wouldn't screw. There is no evidence of Zuckerberg ever being...
  17. Bokanovsky

    Rape culture is real alright

    And we are the intended victims of this mind-fvcking scheme. Unlike previous attempts to reinvent rape as "sexual assault" that includes any kind of "unwanted touching", no matter how trivial, this new "rape culture" movement wants to criminalize the very act of being male. You see, the concept...
  18. Bokanovsky

    The pendulum is starting to swing back

    Read this article in a mainstream Canadian newspaper (for those who don't know, Canada is one of the most feminist countries out there). It seems that people are becoming less afraid to openly speak out against feminism. This is grounds for optimism, even if there is a long struggle ahead. How...
  19. Bokanovsky

    Niccollo Machiavelli expalins why women like bad boys

    500 years ago, Machiavelli explained something that many men still struggle to understand today: "For my part I consider that it is better to be adventurous than cautious, because fortune is a woman, and if you wish to keep her under it is necessary to beat and ill-use her; and it is seen...
  20. Bokanovsky

    Confidence is a bi-product of not giving a fvck

    Imagine that you go out for drinks with a girl you met online. The moment you see her in real life, a sense of disappointment washes over you, as you realize that she does not look quite the way you thought she would based on her pictures. You already know what you're going to do...have one...