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    Always Escalate

    Do you think there's the factor of escalating too soon
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    Ever had a female friend give you her friend's number?

    Hello sosuave So a female friend of mine posted a picture of her pretty friend on her status. I thought she was attractive and I replied with the eyes . My friend then replied with 'you likey?'. I told her I did and of course she teased me. I asked what university the girl goes to and it...
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    Meeting new people can be draining? How to cope?

    Hello Yeah so I met this new girl(JJ) at school, I thought she was attractive but I got cold feet so I didn't speak to her except when I asked a curious question when we were returning to our dorms (we took the same transport) A few days later, I found out it was her birthday as her picture...
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    Should I ask her out again?

    So I met this girl about a month ago, we texted a bit. I did most of the asking of the questions, she just answered and asked once in a while. I eventually asked her out and she said she couldn't. I didn't press further and stopped texting her. I ran into her recently and I think I should have...
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    Girl gone cold because of my platonic friend

    This girl(let's call her Jane) I've been seeing has suddenly gone cold. We saw last a week ago and she was giving an attitude Here's what happened, we both live in school dormitories opposite each other. On valentines night, a female friend of mine called me that she wanted to give me a gift(it...
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    Why are you on sosuave

    Hello everyone I joined sosuave during the COVID19 lockdown and been here for 2 years+ Why? I was rejected by a girl I liked for like 2 years after making a move 'on the phone' when I was 18 lol Why I am still here? I'm learning more about women and men to women dynamics and just to improve...
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    Is there any point dating someone who's about to change location

    Hello everyone Last December, I met this amazing girl and I got her contact We really have feelings for each other but she would be graduating in max one month plus a few weeks max. I'm not yet graduating as my course is longer So she would have to leave the city. I really like her and she...
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    Is it normal not to want girls that like you

    I have noticed a funny pattern lol. I don't usually like the girls that really like me.(They are not bad but I just feel I can do better) I'll rather go for the ones I think are more attractive and doesn't usually work out. Now that I'm thinking about it, it's really funny to me. Anyone...
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    Should you ever ask a woman who a guy is to her

    I've just met this girl at college at social night, I got her number and we've been texting a bit. From the way she texts and replies promptly, I feel she's interested Now the thing is, there's this guy she's always with a lot of times and I can't tell what's really between them. Is it...
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    What exactly is low interest from women?

    What exactly is low interest from women? So I got this girls number around March this year, I met her on campus and approached her She replies the first text and then takes about a month to reply the subsequent one, she sends a voice note apologising saying she was focused on her exams...
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    How do you get a girl's number when shes with another guy(Not her boyfriend)

    Hello everyone I was in this situation recently. I was studying at a lecture theater at night when this girl is sitted a row ahead of me with a guy. He seemed like he was teaching her something or they were studying at me. I caught the girl stealing glances at me quite a couple times. Also...
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    What am I doing wrong here?

    So I was studying in a lecture theatre at night some weeks to my exams and this girl was there. I waited till it was obvious she was tired of reading before I approached her. She seemed so into me and we had a good conversation. I got her number. We went on a date a few weeks later(delayed by...
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    Finally ready to give her another try

    This thread was the first I ever made on this forum, it's also why I registered. So I've worked on some of the advices I got from the thread. I treated her like just any friend, maybe a little stranger some times. I no longer go to talk to her in class anymore. I only speak to her if we cross...
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    My recent interaction with a girl- What's your opinion

    I was at a lecture theatre recently at night(night classes are quite common here, going to study in school at night) and I noticed this girl sitting some rows in front of me I was reluctant at first but I eventually approached her. My aim was just to make some small talk and get her number. I...
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    What could make a girl change her mind about you suddenly

    I'm wondering what could make a girl change her mind about you, out of the blues. I made a thread about it here. I asked her out late September and she said no with no legit reason and that she knows this is the first time I'm asking(i was thinking WTF, how many times am I supposed to ask) but...
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    Is the friendzone always bad

    A female classmate in my school started texting me this lockdown and we got quite along. But she's Muslim while I'm Christian so I had my reservations. But she seemed like she wanted something plus she's pretty so I'm like why not. Made future date plans (schools are closed due to COVID) to...
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    Why Do Some Women Eventually Marry Their Best Friend

    I saw a tweet recently where the lady posted a picture of a ring with a caption along the lines of 'my best friend asked me to marry him and I said yes' I have seen this a few times too. What's your take on this?
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    What's the best way to deal with a text from someone who rejected you

    Merry Christmas everyone What's the best way to deal with a text from someone who rejected you. I (made a silly mistake) told her I liked her and had feelings for her on a phone call. She said she was in a 'relationship'(didn't seem true) I continued to text or call her for 2 to 3 months...
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    What do you do when a girl you like is not physically available

    Hello everyone I was wondering what you should do when you won't be seeing a girl you're interested in for like 2 to 3 months Keep up via text or just let her be till when you guys are in the same location again
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    Attention is currency