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    how to get a hot chick with no stds to bang rawdog?

    yeah id like to finish her off busting a load after toad busts a load.
  2. 7

    how to get a hot chick with no stds to bang rawdog?

    even dan B has problems with chicks. there isn't a true player or guru. they are all simps.
  3. 7

    how to get a hot chick with no stds to bang rawdog?

    I dunno if pua is suited to me. Seems a waste of time to go out and hit on girls when dreams can't become a reality.
  4. 7

    how to get a hot chick with no stds to bang rawdog?

    why the fark not man? Your a mod you should be able to bang taylor and margot at the same time.
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    how to get a hot chick with no stds to bang rawdog?

    if tyler durden or mystery could make a seminar teaching this crap they could turn pua into a billion dollar business. 100% strike rate on students banging victoria secret models all raw dog getting them all pregnant and getting no aids or the herpes.
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    how to get a hot chick with no stds to bang rawdog?

    thats fukin ****. I just wanna bang 1250 girls raw with no condom get no stds and have 1000 kids that get paid for by other sources. life is a total **** block.
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    how to get a hot chick with no stds to bang rawdog?

    How do we bang a hot chick with no stds to bang rawdog, get her preganant, pay no child support and she can take care of the kid while i bang other girls? repeat.
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    Elon musk has no game and is a wuss

    hes probably making all sorts of women squirt like fire hoses all over his million dollar beds that he just throws out after each ****,
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    Dressing like this in public would had gotten her arrested in the 2000's or earlier

    all women should look and dress like that. Guys will be exploding all over the place and girls will be squirting like fire hoses.
  10. 7

    Girl has stormed out

    what? just invite her over like nothing happened and bang her rawdog in the ass.
  11. 7

    Anyone try to mack bisexual chicks so as to build a harem?

    I talked to a guy the other night who said he reckons 75% of men are bi sexual.
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    article: Guys Are Paying Porn Stars Big Money Just to Flirt During COVID

    I'd rather watch sara jay naked ride in a porn video and expode all over my bed. no condom needed. thats more alpha than using a condom with all girls in real life. Only thing that is more alpha is banging girls rawdog. Top alphas bang girls raw, their mates bang the same girl raw and the sperms...
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    girls tinder and real life.

    I put it down to that she wasn't wet and wanting to have sex. Simple as that. I've been friends with girls and they told me they would of let me make a move on them at one point in time and at other points in time they are not in the mood. even one tells me now that one of the guys she talks to...
  14. 7

    girls tinder and real life.

    You do tend to delete truth posts from myself from time to time.
  15. 7

    girls tinder and real life.

    Lol most psychologists are quite foolish. They ain't to be taken seriously but its best to have some compassion for them. Watch houseos when you get the chance. People laugh at a guy whos nearly 40 who gets in the back with 3 strippers one with a rusted **** piecing. she gives him a std because...
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    girls tinder and real life.

    Yeah I just wanted to spend some more time with her and muck around with her. I would of liked to spend time with all three of the girls. Perhaps all naked together in a back of a ambulance and them all dressed up as nurses and me as the doctor. I'm actually considering buying a old ambulance...
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    girls tinder and real life.

    Had a girl on tinder. heres the messages we had. Me: can i touch your books? Me: I mean boobs? Her: Sure hows that going to work? do you plan on scheduling a drive by and touching one titty and then on your way to someone elses titty. Me: maybe Her: what a let down. Me: Why Her: I was hoping...
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    is game for me? or just pay for it?

    I would love to titty bang that woman in that pic. shes hot.
  19. 7

    How can you have game without the right lifestyle?

    part of my life is work. at work we see chicks. my co worker came back to the truck and said hey look at the tits on that. I was on the phone to my isp and they heard my conversation. gym theres also chicks to look at. i look at their asses and tits. and into their eyes. some smile. I go to...