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    Girls have lost the ability to flirt.

    Is it just me, or is it my responsibility to flirt with them for attention?
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    Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

    I‘m curious to see what happens now after they announced there breakup. Yes, Lisa was his teenage crush but also 12 years his senior. I suspect she‘s hit the wall at 54. Him being fit, chiseled and a Hollywood heart throb, I will wager he’ll have a young hot bombshell holding onto his arm in...
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    Confidence is the cologne you should wear.

    Nuff said. Yes, some Chads are blessed with physicalities but do you want to level the playing field? Walk into a room like you own it. Confidence is a pheromone they will instinctively gravitate towards. This applies to other facets like sales, management, etc. Fake it - till you make it...
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    Any members in a healthy relationship with a side piece?

    Just asking for a friend…
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    Who watches hockey?

    Just curious.… Tons of sports going on but who likes watching the good ole NHL? I’m sure most of the Canadians on here will put there hands up but any from the US or overseas? Besides the fiasco in Chicago, thoughts of today‘s game? From a miserable Leaf fan.
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    Worst Date Ever 100 Tacos

    https://people.com/food/taco-bell-worst-date-ever-100-tacos/ This one made me laugh. When a man takes advantage for a free dinner, it goes viral.
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    Men are books in a bookstore

    I was at a bookstore the other day to pickup a gift. As I was walking in, I had an epiphany this must be how girls view us through OLD’s and other media. As an analogy and through her eyes: Overwhelmingly she sees tons of options and selections everywhere. Books piled so high and toppling over...
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    Just a shoutout and thanks to my fellow DJ‘s. I got hooked on this site back in the day due to a blindsided dumping from a previous relationship. No Contact is what caught my eye and I held firm every since. She’s now married with 2 kids and IDGAF. I’m sure she‘s bored and I’m still having...