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  1. roaming shark

    What do you guys think about purposely not kissing on the first date

    I don’t kiss close. I kiss near the end of the date, but while sitting next to the girl. I’ve just trained myself to look at her, grab her in and go for it. Sometimes you get rejected but it’s better than not. So many girls don’t expect it and are really surprised in a good way. This avoids the...
  2. roaming shark

    Busting your load in a girl on the first date

    Lol it never ceases to amaze me how many young men just roll the dice and not wear rubbers.
  3. roaming shark

    I feel like I can be replaced at any moment

    All of us have been rejected by someone we like a lot. Welcome to the game.
  4. roaming shark

    List of some good health lectures

    Statistically if you eat good and exercise you should be good. Most people need to worry about preventing and managing knee and lower back issues.
  5. roaming shark

    Getting next to no matches on bumble/tinder

    Online dating matches are completely out of your control my guy. Best you can do is get 2-3 solid photos and a decent bio. But then go outside and approach. OLD is a wasteland for AFC and chads that mop up. Assuming you can talk a good game, go outside and just talk to girls and ask them out...
  6. roaming shark

    Do you also feel the need to hunt for women OUTSIDE your social circle?

    What’s this social circle thing you speak of? Day game is for me
  7. roaming shark

    Knee Injury.

    Stretch your legs twice a day for starters. Strengthen your legs as well to take stress off knee
  8. roaming shark

    At what point does it make SENSE to get married?

    This question is constantly asked and there is not a good or satisfactory answer or conclusion. Marriage is just one way to move thru the world. Marriage itself brings with it a particular set of risks and benefits. To many, the risks are worth it. To many, the benefits are not worth it. Its a...
  9. roaming shark

    Turning 30 in a month. My conclusions and why I will be leaving the US.

    Good luck and respect for taking action. But just remember the world is small and women don’t really change fundamentally. Likely you are going to face new challenges over there that will be just as difficult. I moved out of a small town 2 months to a major metro in US. It’s not perfect of...
  10. roaming shark

    What's the dating scene like in Seattle

    I would speculate it’s pretty bad. Likely lots of liberal/SJW and those that moved there in their late 20s to “find themselves”. I could be wrong.
  11. roaming shark

    A New Low on Tinder?

    Yes it did for a few years. I found a way to move out to the big city. Life is short. Make it happen
  12. roaming shark

    Why do women intentionally sexualise themselves at the gym

    One reason is that they know instinctively that their physical attractiveness is their most valuable and yet quickly depreciating asset. That superficial flame burns very very bright, albeit only for a short while
  13. roaming shark

    A New Low on Tinder?

    To reduce my AA I just go to busy shopping centers or outdoor areas. Just spam approach. Then this helps when I’m doing my regular stuff so when I see hot women , I have a quick trigger. It’s all about conditioning yourself to not care. Go where you lots ofvolume and anonymity. Once you realize...
  14. roaming shark

    A New Low on Tinder?

    I’ve stopped relying on OLD. It’s truly a waste of time even with my good photos. I’ve moved to day game almost everyday, 3 different dates in 2 weeks. Go get it
  15. roaming shark

    Meeting the parents.

    Ask yourself why are you meeting them? I’m curious
  16. roaming shark

    Pick from those who pick you

    One of the most underrated things discussed in this space is really knowing when to “settle”. You get one life, a few decades. Know what’s most important to you, find a girl who matches most of this and consider picking her. And yes, burning desire is a pre requisite.
  17. roaming shark

    Many ways to escalate? Which is the best?

    Just play it off as nothing happened. Then go for it again on the next date. Better to go for it then not
  18. roaming shark

    The most important thing to a woman is a transcendent emotional experience

    Can you give some practical examples of experiences to give women that follow this
  19. roaming shark

    Older Women

    Ask her out. Escalate. This is a good problem to have.
  20. roaming shark

    When refusing to be manipulated gets you nexted.

    This is a good discussion. I think too many of us get confused on when to do nice things for women and how much is too much. It’s a fine line. And it takes experience. Ultimately, once you are intimate with her, especially more than once, it’s safe to assume you’ve built enough credit to cash...