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  1. manfrombelow

    "What's in it for me???"

    The title is the response from many of the (few) females I've been chatting with on Tinder and other sexual market apps. On these apps, I wrote clearly and frankly in my profile that I'm looking for a no-string-attached FWB relationship in which I would be happy to spend my time together with a...
  2. manfrombelow

    The best love model for men!

    I think that it would be best if we, other than an official LTR aka main plate, have at least 1-2 side plates to spin. This way, we are 100% sexually and emotionally satisfied. And, I believe many men, of many generations, have been doing this since forever. Your input?
  3. manfrombelow

    Lessons from Older DJs here!

    Dear older brothers of SS, What are some of the most important lessons you have learnt in your lives? Not just seduction/love/spinning plates-wise, but EVERYTHING-wise. Please share them with us younger men so we can learn from you. Very much appreciated!
  4. manfrombelow

    My latest Field Report (April-1st-2022)

    Hi my fellow SS brothers, Straight to the point: I just moved to this new apartment building around two-and-a-half months ago, and there's this grocery store chain nearby that I have been frequently shopping at. So, there's this particular cashier chick that caught my attention since the...
  5. manfrombelow

    The art of seduction is ALL ABOUT PSYCHOLOGY

    Men tend to make the mistakes of over-analysizing things too much. Men put too much logic & rationality into the game of seducing women and, ironically, this is 80% (if not more) of the reason they FAILED so badly with them. For example, it seems illogical and irrational if you tell a man that...
  6. manfrombelow

    Take advantage of the age of Weak Men

    OK so this picture has been used quite frequently on here. Here are my thoughts about it. Let's say, if we truly are living in an age when there are MORE WEAK MEN than ever before, then isn't it actually OUR advantage? I mean, regarding the dating world, if there are more and more clueless...
  7. manfrombelow

    Help on my cousin's case

    OK, straight to the point: I have a cousin, around 27-28 years old. He's currently at the lowest of his life, due to some bad choices (career-wise, self-development-wise...) he made in the past, which makes him now what you might called a typical loser: Co-habitation with his gf at her...
  8. manfrombelow

    Sex on 1st date, how to proceed?

    Straight to the point: I had a date last night, that led to sex. For this, I assumed everything went well. (I took her to some drinks and finger food first, and then a movie, and then sex at her place.) After sex, I left the place. I assumed that she would text me first the next morning...
  9. manfrombelow

    Dating Lessons you've learnt the HARD way?

    Well, mine would be: "Always treat the date as if it's your LAST one" Can't remember how many events in which I made out hard with the broad, her tongue deep in my throat, but somehow I didn't have the guts or determination to bring her somewhere to fvck, because I was thinking "Hell there's...
  10. manfrombelow

    What redflags did you ignore?

    Like some wise man once said "You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality" So, my SS brothers, would you mind sharing about what redflags did you ignore in your women, which came back and bite you in the azz eventually? I'm gonna go first: - She was born...
  11. manfrombelow

    Biggest mistakes you made in a LTR?

    My biggest mistake while being blue-pilled was moving into my gf's place, and things started going downhill from there. I learned many lessons the hard way, among them was that the concept of "relationship" is all but a constant power struggle between the man and the woman. In this struggle...
  12. manfrombelow

    YOUR breaking point of a break-up?

    Helllo gentlemen, here I am again. What was your breaking point that finally caused you to break up with your LTR/main plate? In my case, it was when I realized that nothing I did was good enough in her eyes. Yes there were times that she acted nice, feminine, and submissive... but only about...
  13. manfrombelow

    Women are afraid of bachelor guys

    Hi gentlemen, I have noticed a very interesting phenomenon: One of my buddy's wife has been acting as if she's afraid of me lately. At first, I had no clues why, but eventually, I learned that she's afraid of me because while both of them have been married for 3 years, I'm still single. Now, I...
  14. manfrombelow

    A woman's tears...

    mean absolutely NOTHING. Gentlemen, this is another life lesson that I personally had to learn the very, very hard way. See, women are emotional creatures, which means they react very aggressively to all ranges of emotions that is reprensted by what I call a "default mechanism": Crying. So a...
  15. manfrombelow

    Women are promiscuous by nature, and that's OK!

    Now I'm not talking about the women before the invention of condoms and contraceptive pills, I'm talking about the women AFTER those inventions. With the sexual marketplace and virtually everything else is in heavy favour of women, in a time when there are MORE thirsty simps and betas than ever...
  16. manfrombelow

    Do not expect emotional support from women!

    Men and women are different. Totally different. One common mistake I used to make with women was that I thought they could offer me emotional support. Man how fvcking wrong I was! See, the thing I learned the hard way here is, due to the fundamental difference in the way women and men were...
  17. manfrombelow

    The importance of having a strong Father Figure

    ... is tremendous. You can have a shallow or even stupid mother, you're still fine as long as you have a strong Father Figure - the man that you can actually look up to, have deep respect for, and learn from. In the most ideal environment, this would be your biological father. But if you...
  18. manfrombelow

    Don't let women "blackmail" you on OLD

    https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2225704621040/ben-affleck-is-using-dating-apps-messaging-real-women So basically, we all know women love attention. Especially women of today. In Ben Affleck's case, he was screenshot by an Insta chick, because nothing boosts your ego more than being matched by...
  19. manfrombelow

    Women are cowards and like to play dirty

    Where I'm from, the girls have the tendency to screenshot a chat log between them and some AFCs (their photos and profiles included), if these guys talked dirty with them or something like that, and publicly post it onto FB or any social networks, for the mere purpose of "exposing the dirty...
  20. manfrombelow

    Weekly Self-Reminders (2021)

    1. Nobody owes you a relationship just because you fvcked them. A mature man just enjoys sex when it happens, without any expectations for anything beyond it. 2. Women are natural DJs and they have been spinning plates since the dawn of time. 3. Always assume the woman you're dating is also...