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    PUA ratings on reddit

    The slightly concerning state of the PUA coaches- RATED here. past and present : seduction (reddit.com)
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    Addy A game (PUA) has conviction quashed on appeal

    This actually happened a while ago but I didn't know and hadn't seen a thread on it and only noticed just now For those unnaware, he was a Scottish PUA/coach with a youtube channel who filmed some of his approaches in Glascow and Eastern Europe and stuff and then the BBC done an undercover...
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    Field Report

    Rarely see any FR's on this forum anymore so thought id post one Approach 1 In a bar and a girl is taking photos of her friends. I tap her on the shoulder me: ''You're friends always make you the designated photo taker?'' her: ''haha...thinking about it, it is always me taking the photos!''...
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    Short FR

    Only had time for a few sets as didn't go out till late. Ist set i'm at the bar getting a beer and a fairly hot girl (who is part of a 3-set I'd already noticed who were sitting down) stands next to me to get served. I say ''You don't fancy doing a song?!'' (It's karaoke night in the pub). She...
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    short Sunday FR

    Decided to head out too Brighton for a Sunday beer with my mate. Had a few beers on the train and felt loose by the time I got there and decided to try some sort of 'state' exercises lol. I never do this sort of stuff, but me and my friend were just in a stupid mood. I was walking up to girls...
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    It's less about having 'game' and more about NOT having 'anti game'

    You walk up too a super hot young girl in a bar. She knows more or less instantly if she's gonna give you a shot or whether she's just gonna ignore you, give you one word answers (at best) and then walk away from you. If you are her type and have some of the characteristics she likes (maybe...
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    Wed approached. FR

    Decided to head out for a cheeky Wednesday beer Approach on girl in my local pub down the road. She was with a friend at the bar. I opened them whilst ordering my beer. Went with an opinion opener. She didn't seem to really want to talk but that's kind of expeceted'.I 'rooted' the opener and...
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    Easter FR

    Very quick, somewhat boring FR. Went too a BBQ round a friends house and started drinking at like 3pm, so when we all rolled into town at 8pm, i'd already sank like 10 bottles of beer so was pretty loose! Opened a girl on her phone with my usual 'tinder' opener. Worked last week, but went down...
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    Budapest report

    Just got back from Budapest. It was super fun. I pulled 3 of the 4 nights! A 7 English girl An 8 German A 6 Irish I also met these 2 american dudes who were nuts. Complete slayers though. They both likely have lay counts of like 300+ i'm guessing. It was so fun to hang with them and try to...
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    Anyone in Budapest?

    I'm from teh UK but am gonna be there for a few days next week. Staying at the hive hostel
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    Anyone here in Budapest?

    I'M supposed to be going there on Monday for a few nights. We could maybe creep out some girls together?
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    Anyone tried medication for approach anxiety?

    I've always struggled with approach anxiety. I have some general social anxiety, and I guess it's all linked. It varies a little from week to week but has come back very strong recently, to the point that I just can't make myself approach. All the tricks, the 3-second rules, meditating bla bla...
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    Anyone near Gatwick - UK?

    Bit of a long shot as it seems most UK people here are in London, but i'm curious if anyone lives near the Gatwick/crawley area?
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    100 approaches

    approach 1: girl by herself standing near to the table where me and 2 friends were drinking. She was nothing special, but I wanted to get my feet wet/practice Looked at her, but couldn't think of anything 'clever' to open with based on oservations. nothing 'stood out'. So, I just went with...
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    How do you personally open and transition afterwards in bars and pubs?

    I very rarely reach the 'hook point' of an interaction. I feel that this is because a girl decides whether to 'give you a chance' based on your looks, but assuming that i'm wrong, I guess I need better 'material'? I was talking to some guys earlier who claim to be able to pull any single...
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    What indirect openers do you guys tend to roll with in pubs and bars and stuff?

    Last night I experimented with, ''Hey, how's your night going?'', ''Cheers!" glass clink, ''Hey. I'm Jack'' and ''Hi, Who are you?''. Mainly more or less ignored each time lol (UK - We don't tend to engage strangers!), but with a few sets where the girl didn't seem confused as to why a stranger...