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  1. Smok1nAce

    Has online dating and game in general gotten much worse since 2020?

    Yep, the “hook up” culture of the 2010s is played out. The height of the movement was around 2015-2016 when all it took was a few texts. the bar and the club seen has been played out since the 2000s. I think in the next few years things will come around to a more a natural state. I think...
  2. Smok1nAce

    When a woman looks at you, then looks at her phone

    You tried to spit game and she wasn’t buying it. but honestly going up to random women asking what their texting then asking if it’s nudes is a sure way to get pepper sprayed.
  3. Smok1nAce

    Women worth your while always drop the handkerchief.

    it’s all about preferences. I live like that and get a green light every few months from a woman. It’s a good way to live. a lot of the simp and chad stuff is just nonsense. I used to believe it in my early 20s but in my 30s that stuff is all BS. 90% of women are decent women looking for a...
  4. Smok1nAce

    Woman desire men for there resources........

    Women desire the companionship of a Man. Everything else is coping done but washed up men. The resources trope might have worked in the caveman days when it meant living in a bush compared to a cave with fire. But in America in 2022 most basic necessity are basically given to you. You can have...
  5. Smok1nAce

    The one drug that we're all addicted to

    Can't remember where I heard the quote, but it went something along the lines of, chase happiness, pleasure (dopamine) is fleeting and once you get it you want more, happiness is ever lasting. In other words bedding five women might give you pleasure but will it really make you happy?
  6. Smok1nAce

    Ex Name drop (unintentional?)

    Don't be fooled, she ashamed to be with you. What that means to you? I don't know. Did you just meet her last night, have you been dating for a few months? And yes, you can leave, and is probably what I would do unless this girl is h0e and I'm only their for the sex. In my opinion she...
  7. Smok1nAce

    The second they know you like them…

    always be straight up about things. acting like you dont like someone while actually, is something a 13 year old girl would do. some of you guys just dont have a clue.
  8. Smok1nAce


    I've always found it weird, a cute nick name is fine, but daddy, king, pappi, ect. is degrading IMO, for one night stand material it's fine but for LTR it get annoying real fast. I'm not into ego stroking.
  9. Smok1nAce

    A girl expects me to pay for everything

    I think you moved in to fast and she got scared. Back off, and stop texting her. Wait for her to come around.
  10. Smok1nAce

    The one thing that will absolutely destroy your life.

    Absolutely agree. The biggest toxic cesspool in todays world is unfortunately the internet.
  11. Smok1nAce

    Give us a grandchild or $650,000, say Indian couple suing son

    knock on wood but I plan to take care of myself or live in a nursing home, why would I want to put that burden on my kids. The main issure i have is that this women was doing absolutely nothing to better herself. Its one thing to have nothing to your name at 90 and basically become a burden...
  12. Smok1nAce

    Good advice from a 95 year old WWII veteran.

    I've been hitting the gym since 21. The "hit the gym" response is accurate in a sense that It keeps you mind, body and spirit healthy. Its just not the end all be all. It keeps you focused, while doing something constructive and healthy. The "hit the gym" advice is just a little out dated for...
  13. Smok1nAce

    Give us a grandchild or $650,000, say Indian couple suing son

    The problem with a lot of underdeveloped nations is they expect their kids to "take care of them", when they get to a certain age. Talked to a mexican girl once who had 3 kids by the time she was 25. She livid in the hood and had no job. She asked if I had any kids and I said, no. She then...
  14. Smok1nAce

    Ignoring attractive women who act like you don't exist

    TREAT ALL WOMEN THE SAME, from ugly to hot, from fat to skinny. & YOU WILL NEVER LOSE.
  15. Smok1nAce

    Guys in their 30s, how often have you gotten with older women in your 30s?

    I'm 31, but anytime an older women even flirts with me lets say past 35, they make me feel as if I'm a gigolo. Especially, older women in their 50's. When I was 23, I worked with a women who asked me to come with her to vegas and she would pay for everything. Mnd you this girl had 3 kids, and I...
  16. Smok1nAce

    Turning 23yrs Next Monday And I'm a Virgin.

    You aint missing much bro, I've been in the mix since I was 17. Now at 31 i could care less about women and wish I spend more time when I was young working on myself. I know how it is when your young, all you think about is women, but your really not missing much. Find interesting things and...
  17. Smok1nAce

    Is she DTF or am I wasting my time?

    the point of having a wife is so you dont have to game women. she should be pursing you, or at least be a mutual understanding of whats going on between you two. like the other poster said I would suggest paying 200-300 for an escort. But your using your phone to text another women about...
  18. Smok1nAce

    Crypto trading

    any good resources available to beginners who are trying to invest?
  19. Smok1nAce

    Kevin Samuels has passed away

    Yes, but KS was exposing and created a platform for alot of what the average black man has been seeing for the last few decades. He was really the first respectable man to champion the movement. The reason he was coined the godfather. Will their be another, most likley yes but KS was the first...