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    Kinda feel sorry for the modern womens

    Don't get me wrong I don't care that much. Just been bored in bed because I'm sick and nothing too do. I think I feel sorry for women as they are kinda victims of this retarded dating culture too. So I'm guessing I'm similar to most guys on here. Have a fair grasp of reality and am...
  2. L

    Bye bye gains :'(

    So Wednesday morning I got up feeling like crap. Forced some food down and threw it up. I ate sausage and potatoes later and threw that back up. Litrerally my body was so angry at me daring to eat and I projectile vomitted everything inside me out. I've got really bad tonsillitis. Couldn't...
  3. L

    Ethics of what I'm about to do.

    Was seeing a women exclusively for about 4 months. She ended two weeks ago, mainly her past caught up with her and she felt overwhelmed. Been talking to a few other women. One in particular seems like fun. So haven't really spoken to my ex until yesterday. Today I suggest she should come...
  4. L

    Redpill is just more Bluepill?

    Been skimming over redpill stuff the last few months. I think I need to cut it out my life. Speaking purely from my own experience here. So redpill seems to have all the answers do this this and you must do this. This is how relationships work, this is the reality e t.c. It's definitely...
  5. L

    Date ideas

    So 37. Out of a decade long relationship earlier this year. Moved to my hometown, currently living with my sister (until I get my house back, currently renting it out). It's not as bad as it sounds, as I have part of the house detached from the rest of living space (pretty much self...
  6. L

    Women say I don't love them

    Noticed it in previous relationships. The women I've been in relationships with have told them they don't believe I love them or ever loved them . That I only love myself. Obviously in all these relationships we've gone through the very in love phase. Garenteed in if you asked them in...
  7. L

    How to date multiple women?

    Come from a long term relationship. Tried to date multiple women but got hooked on one. That short relationship seems to be going/gone down in flames. Only ever done the relationship thing. I'm 37 at the moment if that makes any difference? I seem to do pretty well on online dating, so...
  8. L

    Safe space

    So basically dating a women. She lives a few hours drive from me. We see each other on the regular (about once a week). It's developing pretty fast. Both fallen in love , plans to move in together e.t.c. The thing is she gets really bad on pms. Pushes me away, being mean, e.t.c. I always...
  9. L


    My girlfriend has been a been snappy with me lately. We just had an argument. In the argument she mentioned I do 95% of the talking in the relationship, I always believe my opinion is the only opinion, I tend not to listen, I talk over her and I forget things she tells me. In all honesty...
  10. L

    £100 from rags to riches UK hussle

    So the title might be a bit misleading. Basically for fun I've opened a new bank account and deposited £100. I did this to separate this money from my real finances. Basically it's play money, I want to see how much I can make it grow online. I don't want to try anything stupid or too...
  11. L

    Racing mind.

    So I've always had a problem with this. Good or Bad if me mind has a problem to solve it switches on a refuses to turn off. The problem can either be negative or positive. It really doesn't matter. For example I'm starting my own business and have also started a little side hustle at the...
  12. L

    UK Live in partner laws and rights

    I'm looking for advise specific to the UK. Basically I own my own home outright, everything is paid off. I like to do the living with my girlfriend thing. I have a preference for it, I'm not looking to get married. So it's got me thinking if I were to live with a girlfriend it makes...
  13. L


    I'm starting to notice a pattern in my new girlfriend. Coming up to the time of the month I start noticing behavioural changes. Nothing too crazy, just becomes withdraw, a little down e.t.c. Previous girlfriends have mostly been uneffected. I don't know very little about the cycle and it's...
  14. L

    Messed up my career

    So I'm originally an aircraft mechanical engineer. Came out of school did and apprenticeship got employed after my appreachip and worked for a civilian company fixing military aircraft. I did this for 12 years until the company closed and the workforce got made redundant. I got a big...
  15. L

    I'm not handling things well

    Basically I'm having a little trouble with this new girlfriend and that I've already made a few threads about. It's also something I had noticed about myself in the past too. So recent events have got me thinking and doing a little bit of self evaluation. I'm definitely not on the top of...
  16. L

    When out to dinner with another women

    I yesterday I was supposed to go out to dinner with 2 friends one male and one female. Something came up and my male friend couldn't make it. I just went with the women. Been friends with this women a long time. Believe it or not she's just one of the boys to me. There has never been will...
  17. L

    My friend is a cuck

    Basically I have a small group of friends that have known each other since children. We all have our own things going on, different social circles , hobbies , jobs, lives e.t.c. In that group is Z, Z got into his first relationship at 20. Basically he dropped all his friends, had/has zero...
  18. L

    Sex book recommendations?

    Looking for some inspiration to liven up sex a bit. There are no issues just looking to read some stuff and absorb new perspectives. Any recommendations? I read an ebook about a number years ago and the sex was mind blowing after that. Haven't read anything like that since.
  19. L

    Giving up single life too easily?

    Broke up from a long term relationship a few months ago. Thought I'd try online dating mainly for a few casual hook ups. Been having great success with it. The thing is I'm falling for a women I met on there that's turned out to be really compatible with me. Same relationship style ...
  20. L


    So I've used those cheap kits you can get online with my ex girlfriend. A but tacky plus the these specific items obnoxiously give the impression I've used them on other women previously and that's off-putting. A new girl I've been sleeping with has expressed an interest in being tied up...