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  1. Romanemp22

    " It's step daddy season,,

    Snakes gonna snake.
  2. Romanemp22

    Worst mistake you can make

    Be careful where you stick it fellas, especially if you have a lot of money.
  3. Romanemp22

    What I noticed

    In the last for months is that it almost became an challenge to get past first date with new plates. Out of last 5 girls with 4 date went great with a lot of making out, and them texting me afterwards how much they loved it for them just to ghost. Honestly I'm not even pissed, it's just a way...
  4. Romanemp22

    Smooth or not?

  5. Romanemp22

    2pm till midnight work hours

    I was wondering if any of you worked this shift, from 2pm to 12am? If have or currently working I would like to hear how you organize your life with it, dating, working out etc. As some of you know I work in PD and I got promoted to junior inspector and in 9 times out of 10 it's office work. I...
  6. Romanemp22

    Silence after good first date

    Last night I went on a date with a new girl I've meet through Instagram. We texted for a few days and I asked her out. On date things went really well, she really expressed high interest in me and things I do, you know she did all the things girl do when she likes a guy like occasional touching...
  7. Romanemp22

    Megan Fox and MGK

    Recently I've been seeing few yt videos, shorts about Megan Fox and Machine gun Kelly and what I noticed is how many people are calling them "handsome couple". By no means I'm not jealous of him in any way as there is no reason for it but the guy looks like a total train-wreck very least, so...
  8. Romanemp22

    How do you guys deal with bad timing?

    Let's say you saw a chick you really wanted to approach but the timing was awful (bus passing in front of you, you're hands were full, you're in a meeting etc). It happened two nights I ago and I always get frustrated when bad timing occurs, when I miss on good opportunity.
  9. Romanemp22

    What's the point of these videos?

    I've stumble upon videos like these every day on Instagram. It's basically th0ts singing some bullsh1t lyric about pretty face and big azz then turning and showing it, but what's interesting is that most of the guys in the comment section are not impressed and think it's cringe like myself...
  10. Romanemp22

    How to deal with job disappointment?

    Today I had a trial for the better position on my work, better salary less work time etc. But I failed, I didn't got the enough points and that's it. Its sucks because that was my dream position, the position I went in uni for. I don't know I feel like sh1t, it's like a got a big punch in the...
  11. Romanemp22

    Horror movies fans?

    Any horror movies fans? Personally I'm a huge fan of possession movies and I can't wait for the new Conjuring to come out and watch it in the movies.
  12. Romanemp22

    Oneitis in the past /present?

    When was the last time you had oneitis? I had oneitis only once and that was in 2016. It really fvcked me up and I couldn't get over that girl for a long time. As I became more aware of oneitis term, red pill etc i got through it. But it was one hell of a ride. When I remember how crazy I was...
  13. Romanemp22

    Dating your neighbor?

    What's up fellow DJs? Hope you're all well and safe. So I have a question for you. Did anyone of you dated your neighbor before? Like across the street neighbor? I just got back from a date with my neighbor. She's an 18yo girl and I don't think i should date her further. Last time I was...
  14. Romanemp22

    Piano playing

    Any DJs playing piano really well? How long it took you to really master it? Did you start very young? I always loved listening to piano playing and my dream was to learn how to play it really good and I would like to achieve it, if possible, in near future.
  15. Romanemp22

    MUA girls

    Few days ago I went on a date with a girl who is a professional make up artist. She was kind of cute but man, she didn't stop talking for not once. I honestly felt relief when date ended. And the fact that she was talking about some boring sh1t was making things even worse. I've been on a...
  16. Romanemp22

    Best decision

    This brother demonstrated the only way to deal with women like that. Salute!
  17. Romanemp22

    Attention! Cringe alert

    Ultimate highway - friendzone express. Fvcking beta creeps like this one are the one to blame that you're average town girl is thinking she's Megan Fox and ofcourse playing hard to get..
  18. Romanemp22

    Summary of the year

    Since year is ending soon, let's summarize our plates/hook ups from this year. Personally, this was the most fruitful year of my life, meeting vast variety of women, with whom I slept with some and with some didnt. The total number of woman I went out this year is around 20,which of I've slept...
  19. Romanemp22

    Biggest simp ever?

    Ahh.. Is this sh1t even real? Thoughts
  20. Romanemp22

    Car wash business

    I'm considering starting a car wash business with my colleague from work. We got nice location next to busy road, it's my land so no rent. Anyone who have experience with this business?