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  1. Knight of Roses

    Observations on Phoenix's Scene

    Good. stay the hell out of my city. Lol. I’ve grown significantly tired of all the transplants into Phoenix. Especially the ones coming from California who bring their democratic politics and turn my once great red state blue. So when you said is it a good place to live? “No”. I love Phoenix...
  2. Knight of Roses

    I am considering abstaining from sex/dating

    The excitement of the hunt is very real. But after it’s achieved, it becomes boring and redundant.
  3. Knight of Roses

    Is it ever appropriate to confront girls on flaky behavior?

    Over the course of 24 months I’ve learned a lot, one lesson being is you can’t count on any woman to give you definite company. So nowadays, I usually run double bookings on date night. If one flakes, I got the other. If both confirms I usually cancel on the one I like the least. I feel that is...
  4. Knight of Roses

    How do you guys stay emotionally detached in relationships?

    I second this. Problem Is that it’s hard to rationally remain detached. It becomes easier after you’ve had your heart smashed a few times. I remember I had a girl who I was head over heels with. Then suddenly she grew distant and it literally made me an emotional mess. After that scenario...
  5. Knight of Roses

    Been on a rampage yet still bored and unfulfilled

    lol. Nah man not trying to brag. And trust me, you can get solid rotation of plates without gym or looksmaxxed. I’m not a bad looking dude but I certainly am not maxed in any sense of the word.
  6. Knight of Roses

    Been on a rampage yet still bored and unfulfilled

    Been honing my skills constantly, improved them to the point of having a constant rotation of plates. Some more consistent than others. Yet after a full two weeks of constant lays, I still feel bored and unfulfilled. The more time I spend with a girl, the more of her nuances and negative quirks...
  7. Knight of Roses

    Research shows that marrying young without having lived together makes for the lowest divorce rates

    When you get married young, you are more likely to adapt and mold. As you grow older, both parties become more entrenched in their own ways, and less compromises are made. That’s why I believe if you want that fairy tale love story with your soulmate, it’s gotta happen in the early twenties or...
  8. Knight of Roses

    Would you date a stripper or/and a porn star ? Call girl?

    I date only strippers. And it’s great. Id date a porn star too if given the opportunity. But probably wouldn’t date a call girl. Contrary to most beliefs, strippers just don’t sleep with every client that throws them money. In terms of marriage, probably none of them.
  9. Knight of Roses

    Getting the Willpower to Go Out Even when Exhausted After Work

    I work 12 - 14 hrs as a Physician and go out every single night. When people ask me, they are surprised that I have the energy. Honestly it’s just practice and a way of life. Take a nap, go to the gym, and eat healthy. After a few struggling days, it’ll just be second nature to go out.
  10. Knight of Roses

    Help a mature brother decide

    Too old. Why you going after 40 year olds at 44? I’m 35 and I date typically in 20-25 yo demographics. You shouldn’t be seeing anyone above the age of 32 IMO
  11. Knight of Roses

    Texting response times mean nothing, stop panicking.

    I only pursue stripper / bartender / bottle girls. The occasional exception for waitress.
  12. Knight of Roses

    Texting response times mean nothing, stop panicking.

    I mean, you could be right. Nonetheless, I see too many guys obsessed with response times and seemingly bothered by it. I'm suggesting that it doesn't really matter in the overall scheme of getting laid. Whether she's mediocre interest or low interest, not worrying about her response times and...
  13. Knight of Roses

    Texting response times mean nothing, stop panicking.

    Ain't nothing wrong with Toxic women either, often times they are the best lays and the most fun. Just don't let toxicity affect you. Learn to embrace it, toss a little back yourself, and enjoy the ride. Men who chase only high quality, consistent, dependable, boring, career women are missing out.
  14. Knight of Roses

    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    Chad Lee maybe since you look Asian.
  15. Knight of Roses

    Texting response times mean nothing, stop panicking.

    You’re free to take it as you wish, all I’m saying is to stop obsessing over texting response times. I see too many posts in here talking about how she takes 4 hours to respond, etc… I’m saying that those times are irrelevant.
  16. Knight of Roses

    Texting response times mean nothing, stop panicking.

    Sup slayers Thought I’d chime in with some personal reflection. As many of you know, a few years ago I decided to make the transition from dating all types of women to only going after strippers/bartenders/bottle girls. One of the hardest aspects of this transition was the dramatic change in...
  17. Knight of Roses

    Ex contacted me today about missed period.

    “Oh you’re pregnant? Thank God, thought you were just getting fat” send that via text and watch them LOLs roll
  18. Knight of Roses

    This thread is for married men to discuss on

    Damn homie. It’s gona be hard being single household earner on 48K a year.
  19. Knight of Roses

    How to punish a girl over text and in OLD for slightly bad behaviour

    No such thing as punishing. You punish by withdrawing attention.
  20. Knight of Roses

    Optimizing Plate Rotation: Advanced Tactics

    All right boys, time for me to impart some knowledge on yall. Main Chicks: These are your main squeezes. Usually anywhere from 1-3 at a time. Hard to keep 4 main chicks going, considering they will want atleast 1-2 nights per week with you. These are high interest, highly consistent...