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  1. Zimbabwe

    How To Command Respect If You're Short

    Basically the video can be summed up as be loud and make a big presence, which is defiantly true that short people have to put in more effort to be dominant in social situations One of the most interesting things about body language is that if we consciously change our gestures and positions...
  2. Zimbabwe

    Pete Davidson proves that preselection is all you NEED

    Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Kaia Gerber, Kim Kardashian. It doesn't matter how he looks, the fact that he slayed all of them gives him Giga-high SMV. Status and money can't explain his success, as not all celebs have his record. He had luck of getting one Stacy, than used this to get...
  3. Zimbabwe

    Becoming an Alpha Male Provider

    Before you Crucify me for saying this please read. In the 1950s all Men used to provide for their wives and families (dual incomes were not widespread), these men were all providers but not necessarily beta males. In traditional societies men are still expected to provide. Does it make...
  4. Zimbabwe

    I've Been Banned from Tinder,Hinge,Bumble and CMB

    I have noticed whenever I start doing really well on these apps racking up a bunch of matches after deleting and recreating my profile i get banned. I am not sure if girls are reporting me for not replying or that they ban me for not paying for the apps. I'm not the only one that has been...
  5. Zimbabwe

    Books are objectively boring

    This notion that in order to be a cultured person you need to be well read is outdated. Nowadays you can easily learn just about anything with youtube videos, wikipedia pages, and online forums. If you're interested in a topic and you have access to the internet, you already have access to the...
  6. Zimbabwe

    Young Single Men SIGNIFICANTLY Outnumber Women

    The sex ratio at birth is slanted towards males in humans by default, as there are more male foetuses conceived and born to full term than female offspring. Male immigranttion and male migration within a country may also directly increase the surplus of males. This near-universal male...
  7. Zimbabwe

    GYM - Women perceive the body THE SAME WAY WE DO + It's 100% LEGIT

    1) Countering the "muh gym is cope" It's common misconception that gymeceling doesn't work, and that "muh, face is everything.. You don't need to gymcel". - By nature, muscles and good bone structure are evolutionarily a symbol that you can get plenty of nutrition, you are intimidating and...
  8. Zimbabwe

    The only way to keep your girls loyalty

    The only way to keep your girls loyalty is being desirable to other women. That's it, and even then it's not a 100% sure fire way, kinda like how condoms are not 100% protective against getting your girl pregnant cause on the off chance they can accidentally break. The thing is women's natural...
  9. Zimbabwe

    Tinder is dead. Instagram is the best dating app

    Tinder is waste of time and money. With all the new premium features if you do not pay for premium the algorithm will simply not show your profile and place you last over thousands of other men who've paid. Most attractive girls are not active on Tinder and mainly use Instagram. Instagram...
  10. Zimbabwe

    The vicious cycle of how individualism is destroying society

    Individualistic societies that operate with the nuclear family make having a family extremely expensive and inaccessible. As a result people postpone marriage till very late or in many cases, never and in the meantime fill their days with mindless degeneracy to compensate for the need of human...
  11. Zimbabwe

    Approaching Women is Very Easy

    Start with challenging yourself to say hi to 10 girls a day for a week. Then go indirect and transition to something like “btw how was your day, or BTW I like your necklace”. Finally progress to direct openers for hard mode when it comes to AA. Do all this sober. Once you’ve progressed to the...
  12. Zimbabwe

    The night situation in the Australia is reaching previously unseen levels of hypergamy

    Don't even want to make this thread long. Long story short... pull up to the club like I always do... with the expectation of ending the night filled with grief, hangovers, poor health, depression and no poosey. What I saw was like something written out of a dystopian erotica novel. Crazy...
  13. Zimbabwe

    I Have Found My Ideal Woman

    Dark hair and light eyes, the Perfect combination. Negin Ghalavand (Persian from Iran) the most beautiful Caucasoid woman alive
  14. Zimbabwe

    Your ancestors were alpha male Chads high up in the social hierarchy.

    As most of you are probably aware: 17 women reproduced for every one male throughout 99% of human history. https://psmag.com/environment/17-to-1-reproductive-success Which means that your male ancestors, the guys in your family tree were all alpha males who were top of the food chain in their...
  15. Zimbabwe

    Why/how I disagree with blackpill

    The main thing that comes to mind is the thing about all women being perverted degenerate 304s, this only applies to mentally ill women (in west especially due to the amount of satanic propaganda with the purpose of spreading debauchery and perversion in society, be it through lgbtq, hookup...
  16. Zimbabwe

    Guide to getting laid on Instagram

    Why do this? First of all you need to understand that in today's world: your Instagram account = your social life, whether you like it or not. You need to have some kind of online presence, and having an Instagram account is the best and easiest way to do it. Any modern woman in 2022 is going...
  17. Zimbabwe

    Jada Pinkett Smith wishes Will Smith hadn’t slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars

    Apparently, she didn't want Will to slap Chris after that comment. Instead of standing by her husband, she threw him under the bus yet again https://www.fbcnews.com.fj/entertainment/jada-pinkett-smith-wishes-will-smith-hadnt-slapped-chris-rock-at-the-oscars/ She has also revealed she didn't...
  18. Zimbabwe

    Need Some Advanced Text Game Help

    Ok so last month i matched with this chick and it didn't go so well because i asked for her number in the first message. I deleted my account and have recently gone back to the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel. To my surprise she matched with me again today, now what do i text her with? Do i...
  19. Zimbabwe

    I was wrong about Online Dating

    I used to be firmly on the NO OLD camp for a while, I decided to give OLD another go due to the wet weather we have been having in Sydney and I finally cracked it. I'm currently on Tinder and CMB (I'm banned from Bumble and Hinge). What I do is swipe at 12pm everyday and leave it until the next...
  20. Zimbabwe

    If you want to get laid, You NEED to be persistent

    A persistent man who doesn’t let rejection phase him will do far better than the man with tight game who isn’t persistent. If a man does one approach, gets rejected strongly simply because the girl has a bad attitude, and curses her before giving up and going home, he will see far less results...