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  1. mrskinnypantz

    The problem with "choosing signals"

    Is what exactly? What's wrong with scanning for choosing signals? When you want something too much , you end up ruining it. Has she done any casual flirting, touching or anything that says she may be interested? If the answer is no , then why bother? She probably isn't sexually or Romantically...
  2. mrskinnypantz

    Red pill or blue pill?

    Red pill let’s you choose your height Blue pill let’s you enhance your d1ck size to however big you want which pill would you take?
  3. mrskinnypantz

    Got laid twice this past week

    Got laid twice this past week ,from 2 different women One chick I met out on the way to work The other came straight to the crib for sex from. OLD ,she drove 45 mins to get smashed all night the after-sex glow is real , after getting laid I starting gettin all types of positive attention from...
  4. mrskinnypantz

    Learn social skills or pay the price

    Being handsome does not warrant being awkward or socially inept If you don’t have any social skills and you don’t know how to talk to women you are in a world of trouble . Being handsome alone will not save you You must know how to escalate , pass test’s and maintain and even grow a woman’s...
  5. mrskinnypantz

    Should SO’S respect sibling rivalry?

    Should your S.O pick sides in sibling rivalry? Or Should she be neutral? I think the woman should pick a side and it should be mine .
  6. mrskinnypantz

    Mate guarding observed at work and during walk home

    I saw these girls the first day at work , I never knew they had BF’s I only saw their BF’s on the second day and then as soon as the BF’s saw me they walked out the buildings with their GF’holding hands very awkwardly , this was AFTER my presence was discovered as the new guy. One girl came...
  7. mrskinnypantz

    If she is lustfully staring at other men or flirting.

    Don’t say anything about it if she is just staring, enjoy the rest of the date the best you can . And from that day on , no more goin out. She comes to your crib or you can go to hers , order in , fvck her and send her back home. If she can’t have the class or respect to treat like a human...
  8. mrskinnypantz

    Random alpha male surfaces on youtube and breaks the internet with exceptional social skills.

    the girl he rejected is melli monaco, a sexy redpill female youtuber. it seems so good that it might be a setup