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    Divorce Rape on a whole new level.

    She cheats and still gets millions. https://www.yahoo.com/news/princess-paid-lover-9m-blackmail-123524175.html Not that the guy can't spare it, but still. On the flip side, I have to guess that he is no boy scout.
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    I had three dates with a woman. First one: Met for drinks, had a great time, kiss close, texted me the next day saying she had a great time and wanted to see me again. Date two a week and a half later (she had to travel for work for five days): Took her axe throwing and played other games at the...
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    Tactfully benching women and more

    I have a problem that I never thought that I would have. Working on myself seems to have worked all too well. Over the last month, I have been on a marathon of dates and somehow managed to have too many women interested. Since they commonly fall off for one reason or another, I was full speed...
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    The "Good" Woman That Most Should Avoid

    I have been thinking about the behavior of some women that many here would consider toxic. What I have written is from personal relationship experience, experiences of my friends and from women who I have known over the years without a romantic relationship. Consider this: She has lots of guy...
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    Is omission deception?

    I tried to keep this short, but its a bit complicated and may be more of a venting rant. Read on at your own peril. I was good friends with a woman (not friendzone friends) for a couple of years and about five months ago, we crossed the line to more than friends. I told her that we can just see...
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    Digits and OLD

    Now that Covid is waning here in the US and I'm vaccinated, I'm seeing a notable increase in responses. I have 2 in rotation and have 3 more that I am messaging. I just realized that both of my current women offered up their number without me asking and just today, another from the messaging...
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    Is this a Sh*t Test?

    Hey guys, I have had a girl on a few dates. First back at my place, nothing. Second, her place, kiss close, third her place, made out for a bit, but late and needed to be up early so I left. She invited me yesterday to go axe throwing later this week and then back to her place for drinks and...
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    Valentines Day - Semi Dodge Success

    I think that if you have been on five or more dates, something is warranted. Nothing big, just something. Any fewer dates and its a text. I have found that some don't care, but the majority do. I have three in rotation right now and actually didn't see any of them on the day. I bought three...
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    This seems that it should be easy, but I'm stumped

    I have been on a few dates with a girl who has a good girl vibe. I'm not going for the quick smash with this one. We have kissed. Her birthday is coming up and I told her that I wanted to take her to dinner via text. She replied in about two minutes: "You don't need to do that, but its very nice...
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    Don't doubt your decisions, ever.

    I have had a girl for a few months. All seemed great and I really grew to like her. We could be together and things never seemed to get old. She suddenly started being distant so I backed off a bit to let her simmer for a while in the event that she just needed space. Covid isolation is having...
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    Friend Zone Jeopardy

    There is a girl in my social circle that caught my interest. One of those girls that seems to get it in how a man just is, or maybe just how I am. Known for seven or so months, unavailable for 5 of them. Over the last few weeks, she ends up with me, one on one, pretty much every time we see each...
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    Will this crap ever end?

    Article: Guy Gets Trashed For Shaming Girlfriend About Hairy Legs Just because he didn't complain before it got Sasquatch long, he is wrong? People commented: "Its Natural!" Well, so is armpit stink. Maybe he should go a week without washing his pits to get the point across and say to HER: But...
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    Even More.. Wow..f***ked up

    Some of you might remember my post "Wow..f***ked up" from a few months back where a girl asked me to meet her out, but was still on a date. I ran into her since then quite a few times and basically freindzoned her to access her friends. Although I know that she is not relationship material, she...
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    Spill it or just listen?

    A friend of mine (45) just got dumped for the second time by the same girl (around the same age). They were dating for about 9 months. Traveled to quite a few places. Girl is cute, built, fun, outgoing and honestly one of the most intelligent women that I have ever encountered. Sharp witted...
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    Orbit lift off attempt

    I just had to share this. I have been chatting with this girl, face to face and text, for a bit. For those who care, HB7. Showed interest, flirting, right down to stopping me as I was leaving and asking when she would see me again. I would have asked what she had in mind at that moment, but...
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    Field Report: The Perfect Storm

    Took a girl out on a first date last Saturday ( yes, worth the Saturday). She is the type that runs every morning and hits the gym five days a week. Tight body, a very cute face and bright blue eyes. Pure German. I met her at a place that I had never been to, but heard was good. She arrived...
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    A woman fighting her emotional and logical sides

    One of my girls who I have known for a bit, but not pursued since relationship gaps have never aligned. I kind of put her in the friendzone. Even with that, she has always flirted with me and we do go out together, have beers, play pool. Its occasional dating without the sex and she picks up the...
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    From the Horses Mouth

    I have been working on this one girl that I run into here and there and went ahead and called her for a date. She said she had something planned, but would cancel. Apparently one of her orbiters was meeting her somewhere. Quote: "I already have plans with my friend John for dinner, but I can...
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    Has anyone ever asked for rejection feedback?

    This popped into my mind while replying to another thread. Obviously we all have gotten shot down, more that we have succeeded. The usual thing seems to be trial and error with your pickup routine, but who really knows for sure what the real reasons for rejection were? Even though projecting...
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    Wow..f***ked up

    So, been chatting this girl up, went on a coffee date. Went out a week later for happy hour and kissed her when leaving. A few days later I asked to get together at a local spot we both know. It was a last minute thing and she said that she had plans but may stop by for one or two and that a...