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  1. Don Dark Horse

    Am I coming on too strong over text? Asking too soon for the date.

    Recently had 2 girls put off by asking them too soon for drinks, over text. The first one I thought was really about it and said she could not make the day I proposed and offered 2 alternate nights. Silly me was a bit too accomodating and said yeah the first night works. Had I said that I'll be...
  2. Don Dark Horse

    Holiday Game Report

    Yo. Want to make a thread report on all the experiences I have had this holiday and collect any tips or thoughts you readers might have to add. Girl 1: (this one is a bit of a story, the others shouldn't be nearly as long.) Long time friend who I have not seen in forever. She studies in a town...
  3. Don Dark Horse

    Advice: How do I seduce my chiropractor?

    I (22m) went to see a chiropractor(27f) for the first time today. When I met her she was kind and friendly and as the consultation progressed we started getting to know each other, bantering and speaking about our lives, university, school, siblings and sports. She is sexy and the vibe...