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    My friends gf.....

    She has a wild, attention seeking side. Whether it was a sign of attraction is unclear. It would really depend on her specific facial expression when she flashed you. There are two possibilities: 1. She was just super comfortable around you as a bro (i.e. a soft friendzone). 2. She...
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    Ignoring attractive women who act like you don't exist

    Good advice. I will read this a few times until it sinks in. Thanks.
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    Dancing for Dummies: From the Ground Up

    I would put dancing skills in the same category as fashion (i.e. dressing well). It's good to have; there's no downside to it, but it's not a silver bullet. (All that aside, practicing your moves in front of a mirror is very, very helpful.) A Chad/Tyrone that only rocks back and forth will...
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    Ignoring attractive women who act like you don't exist

    They might notice it, but it won’t phase them much at all. There was a chick in our work building a few years ago. She was attractive and had a LTR boyfriend. I knew she was taken; I had no interest in hitting on her. But I would have been fine knowing her socially, even as a sort of work...
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    Ignoring attractive women who act like you don't exist

    It’s knowing that it’s pointless trying to engage people who really don’t want to talk to you. And some passive aggressive “payback” because you feel slighted lol.
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    Taco bell for two

    Absolutely. It’s very easy to fall in the trap of “She was perfect for me, but I F-ed up and lost her. Or if I had only done XYZ, she wouldn’t have ghosted me.” Fact: If she was right for you, she would likely stay with you even despite some mistakes on your part.
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    "Open mind" versus "close minded" pros and cons?

    While I support being open-minded, I agree that you shouldn’t be too quick to change your mind. Make sure you have some fairly good reason to do so.
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    "Open mind" versus "close minded" pros and cons?

    Closed minded assumes you know everything. Good luck with that lol. Another problem was being close minded is you could be operating based on information that WAS correct but is now outdated. I’ll vote for being open minded.
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    They always come back around

    Yup. A past orbiter is considered the “low hanging fruit” if she needs attention and/or an ego boost.
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    Books are objectively boring

    A book is somebody’s years of experience packed into a few hundred pages. Pretty cool when you think of it.
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    Books are objectively boring

    Online videos can hurt our attention spans because they train our brains to focus for very short amounts of time. Reading can help improve your attention span. I find books to be a bit more honest/objective than many videos because they aren’t really trying to get clicks, likes and...
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    A difference in approach to life I noticed between a Chad and a struggling friend.

    It comes back to a principle of “Don’t talk about your goals” (whenever possible). You can tell people AFTER you achieved something you want. But telling them BEFORE opens the door to others trying to talk you out of it. While you shouldn’t be swayed by skeptics, haters, and guilt...
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    How Often Are You Approached/Stared At/Receive IOI's?

    Wow. 6’3” with hair is usually a potent combo. Fashion makes little difference in my experience. I just dress up for fun because I enjoy it. I’m regularly complimented by women at work on my clothes. But that’s it. It has nothing to do with attraction. It boosts me to “High Tier”...
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    The Older the Woman, the More Difficulty She Has Pair Bonding

    Not doubting what you’re saying, but quick Q… How is the guy absorbing her estrogen if he’s wearing a condom?
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    Young Single Men SIGNIFICANTLY Outnumber Women

    Chicks like to stay up late lol.
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    What’s up with women who say they are demisexual?

    On the surface, the terms sounds like it means “half” sexual. Like if you lost half your libido lol.
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    Does living in colder places become harder as we get older?

    The snow sucks; but I find cold itself much easier for me to tolerate as I age. My tolerance for heat has declined.
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    She was lying about a dude, hard next?

    Sounds like the other guy is solidly in friendzone. I wouldn’t worry about him.
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    How to gain awareness of my level of attractiveness

    Total clean shaved head is not always optimal for balding guys. It can be very good for a lot of guys, but it isn’t a 100% rule. Every guy is different. Some balding guys look better with a buzz. Some even look better with some (shorter to normal length) hair on their head. The point is...
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    Taking an Uber with a Girl

    The middle seat is typically only used when you have three people. So, with only two people, I vote for b.