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    What's the furthest you would drive for a date?

    Shocked I haven't seen a thread about this due to the high gas prices and all. But for a first date especially what is the furthest you will drive since many of them turn out to be no second dates and a waste? Especially when using OLD.
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    Would legalizing brothels solve problems with Western women?

    Women these days have no incentive to keep themselves from looking like land whales and act like brats, stuck up and overall pretty rotten. Lets say nationwide in the US prostitution became legal. I don't mean banging crackhead hookers, but brothels that have decent looking women to pay to...
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    How does THIS end up with this?

    Wtf. OLD, cold approach? What's the point of eating good and working out, self improvement when lard balls get this?
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    Just saw a local news chick on old

    Very rare to see someone as hot as this on old apps around here. Her profile she didnt put much in her bio or anything else really on her profile but link to her instagram. She trying to explode her Instagram count by this?
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    This is how non chad, chubby fat guys pull it off.

    I think this is a perfect example how when you see fat guys with hot chicks you'd only think Chads would get this is an example why. Noticed he's fat but is the Kevin James funny type with his flirting and doesn't come off creepy and threatening but just having fun. Even the women you see are...
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    Is this the ultimate simp? Visits Ukraine, gets engaged and "settles down"

    Wondering if it's a mail order bride. Or if he went there and found a lady who went all over him knowing she could get a visa. Regardless who the hell marries someone this quickly??? Most don't go on vacation to a poor country like Ukraine. Me thinks he went there looking for women. Would you...
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    OLD chick flakes when I tell her I work 2 jobs.

    Been texting a few days with a nurse from OLD. Anyway, she asked what I was doing tomorrow night. I told her I have to work my second job which I do a couple nights a week cleaning. After I said that she ghosted and won't talk to me. I was being honest though. I have to work my other job. My...
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    Wearing masks to avoid cat calling?

    From NYC. Is this still going on in NYC the masks? What are your thoughts on cat calling? This young woman is a bit thick and not even super hot for NYC standards. She also lies and says she's never been on a date with a guy who's done this to her. She's full of sh**. If Eli Manning walked out...
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    Does house maxxing help you get more women?

    Just got me thinking because I saw another thread here once again about carmaxxing which is stupid IMO. What about house maxxing? I mean lets say you own a house that's worth 10 million or more dollars on the water which shows off big wealth. Would you attract a lot of women, especially if...
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    Even Jerry Jones uses cold approach as a old guy and it worked.

    He was like 55 at the time this happened. How did he use PUA, etc. and pick up a young ticket counter chick? He's also been known to score with flight attendants. People on here say being old, ugly with money won't work except for gold diggers. I can't believe this 25 yr old is complaining...
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    Albert Pujols files for divorce while wife fighting brain tumor. Upgrading?

    Albert Pujols announces divorce from wife Deidre Pujols | ksdk.com Thoughts? Wife is going for surgery for a brain tumor soon. Is this a dirtbag move while she's getting ready for brain surgery or was she that toxic? you'd think after 22 years of marriage they must have been going pretty...
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    Anyone ever get fractional laser or Fraxel?

    So I had IPL done just over a year ago. Got pretty decent results with the nurse that did it. However not all the freckles went away and a few cameback so I decided to try a couple other providers closer by since this one was an hour away. Anyway, the last two places I went to for IPL I had...
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    Hot chick dance instructor in my area convicted of sex with 15 yr old female

    Forgot all about this but it showed up in suggested stories on the local news site. HOT but post wall dance instructor was caught by a girls dad carpet munching at their house. She was sentenced to 26 YEARS in prison. If you were a dude wouldn't you smash this? Would she even get prison or...
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    bat sh*t crazy lady who killed old lady in NYC hit the wall fast!

    Anyone see this disgusting story? What makes a woman go this bat sh*t crazy to attack a random old lady and murder her and then run? Anyway, look at her high school pic. This girl is only 26 years old and look at how hard the wall hit. A lot fatter, face is flabby. Usually it's mid 30s the wall...
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    Never underestimate a scorned woman!

    https://www.ksdk.com/article/news/politics/fellow-candidates-call-for-greitens-drop-out-senate-race-abuse-allegations/63-0f0fc07e-60cd-4c40-905c-76a0f7b92754 Eric Greitens in the news again as his ex wife just randomly came out with abuse allegations now which will most certainly end his...
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    49 yr old checked my profile out on Match

    I noticed a 49 year old, HB7 for her age looking at my profile so I wrote to her and she replied back. She pointed out how on my profile I said at my age I have no preference one way or another if I want kids or not and she said good because she views herself as a MILF and someday GILF lol...
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    Omicron BA2 spreading. Fauci says lockdowns in the future possibly

    Covid Live Updates: N.Y.C. Reports Spread of BA.2 Version of Omicron - The New York Times (nytimes.com) Dr. Fauci also says possible lockdown measures down once again as well. Dating has been decimated by Covid. The mask wearing, shutdowns, etc. How will this play out if the mask wearing...
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    Old guys mega tipping here in FL. Do you big time tip to SIMP?

    Family friend, eventual relative when my cousin marries her son recently posted on Facebook her $120 dollar cash tip on a bill that was $120. It's season here in this part of FL and you have old wealthy people from the NE down here by the boatloads rights now for vacation and snowbirds. Anyway...
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    Exchanging messages on OLD with former HB8.5

    I saw former. I saw her on Match before and she listed her business on her match profile so I looked it up on FB and saw it was like 6 year old pics she's using on her OLD profiles. Her current pics since she's 36 now she looks about HB7-7.5 still cute though but older. Anyway, 5-7 lists...
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    old guys getting young women.

    So this afternoon my mom and I went out to eat at the beach. Anyway, grabbed a drink at the bar area since it was super busy and had a wait. I notice a HB7 chick, probably 21 to 23 talking to a dude who looked about 60. Old and fat. Typical slob these days. Anyway, they were chatting up and it...