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  1. catsmeow

    "Qualifying" Myself

    Hey guys, I hear this term a lot on here and other forums - a woman 'qualifying' herself and how you guys look for that to determine her interest level. Excuse my ignorance, but I am not really sure what it means because at first blush, it sounds almost like I am bragging on myself in order to...
  2. catsmeow

    I Just Deactivated My Profile from that Godforsaken Place known as LOVESHACK

    And I feel so good!! :D Today was the last straw, those peeps over are simply not living in reality. They can also be quite cruel to people writing in, extremely judgmental not to mention completely unaware of all the various nuances re people, datng, relationships, LIFE. I made a couple of...
  3. catsmeow

    Alec Baldwin's Wife Pregnant with No. 7!

    Just read this and wondering what you guys think? Alec is 64 and his wife, Hilaria, is 38. Six kids already, she's pregnant with no. 7. If you scroll down the link, there's a home video with all 8 of them together! Soon to be 9. That's a lot of kids! All in less than 10 years, but they...
  4. catsmeow

    To Men Who Prefer To Spin Plates Versus LTR

    Hey guys, my first thread here and hope you'll take it seriously... But as the title states, for those who prefer ONS or to spin plates, and whose focus is on increasing notch count, do you ever miss having the love of one good quality woman who has your back and, gasp, who cares? The women...