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    SoSuave gets another YouTube mention

    SoSuave gets another YouTube mention. Rollo brings up one of his old posts from here at 37:17 in the video.
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    Quality of question (in post's titles) seems to be degrading.

    Seem's like there is a lot of "Why is the sky blue?", "Why does stuff always roll downhill?",...or "Are we there yet?" from the kid in the back seat questions lately. I mean they are questions with such blatantly obvious answers that any numbskull capable of spelling well enough to ask the...
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    St Louis, Mo area

    From the ILL side of the river but use the western "burbs" of the St Louis area for my social life. Most think I'm educated, sometimes I can even act professional. I would say I have my **** together, but I don't have much ****. Lower end of the income scale. Age should show under the...