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    Not all girls **** test...

    I don't believe that. A lot of the time if they test you they aren't sure about you amd want to see what you are made of. It's almost an IOI if they do
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    Approaching model chicks

    I deal with models all the time. It is in your best interest to not even bring up her looks, or her modeling and tease her, have fun, be chill just like any other girl. She needs to see you as the prize like any other girl should.
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    Yuppaz Field Reports of Trials and Tribulations

    Ok couple thongs I wanted to add. Did a beauty shoot at my place, had a girl that flew in to shoot, lets call her A. Also had 2 other girls shooting at my place and makeup artist, her assistant and my bts video / player friend. Picked up model 1 from airport, really reallyhot girl from Alaska...
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    Yuppaz Field Reports of Trials and Tribulations

    Thanks Stoic, hope your journey goes well man.
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    Yuppaz Field Reports of Trials and Tribulations

    Forgot to update from last weekend. Went out with some guys to an Art event. Set 1: tried a situational opener with some cute chick in an art gallery. She wasn't having it at all. Nothing there. Set 2: Opened this one super cute girl after she was checking me out. Nothing really...
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    It was nice meeting you text right after date?

    Usually, she is hoping you will habe a couple texts and ask her out again. Not her job to take the initiative but very common for women to reach out to get you to take it.
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    Jeff Bezo's Divorce

    Bro where she at? I'll hook up with a gazillionaare any day
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    Here we go again... should i next? low interest?

    He just needs to addume the sale. Her not wanting to go out Sat doesn't mean game over it just sounds like a scheduling issue. A little time and he'll get to go again.
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    Here we go again... should i next? low interest?

    I just read this I don't know its really over for sure. I would just wait several days and reach out. If she reaches out first assume she wants to meet up and make a date
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    Anyone tried medication for approach anxiety?

    A lot of my approaches are just like "You should try the pizza here, its awesome" Or "Do you know where X is?" Stuff like that. Super indirect and just try to keep talking. That will take the pressure off and hopefully you'll start seeing that women WANT to talk to you and you are doing them a...
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    What's your guys' realistic approach to date percentage??

    Right now about 10% when I'm on fire with my game like 25% - 35%. Thats why volume helps a lot
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    I actually approached a woman at my gym

    This is really on point. Good for you man for grabbing your steel balls and going for it with this girl! I have just started getting back into approaching and its a total mixed bag. Some okish girls are not into me or very hesitant. Some super hot girls are really into me without me really...
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    Rollo is right

    My point is to only listen to advice from real experts on a subject. He's full of sh*t dude. Don't believe me I could care less
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    Yuppaz Field Reports of Trials and Tribulations

    Sat night - Met this super Rich guy while eatinf dinner at Ruths Chris. Got his contact sent it to my Mom who is in real estate and could make some money from a sale with him Set 1. Opened these two girls watching these dorks dancing in a troup. Super indirect. Didn't fo much with it. Lesson...
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    Rollo is right

    No, haven't read the book, obviously but I've heard him on the manosphere speaking with authority on how to alpha thos or that red pill blue pill blah blah. I think they take the Alpha **** too far. Just chill the f*ck out, go for what you want, whether it is work wise, girls etc. And leave the...
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    Rollo is right

    He always considered himself one to be able to speak to being Alpha, but I don't know what he thinks gives him the authority to do so. If he was a Navy Seal body builder who has banged hundreds of chicks, I'm all ears but he isn't. He has never even talked about going out and testing his metal...
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    Rollo is right

    Doesn't mean ****. It's easy to sit on your couch and theorize, and if you are charizmatic enough and a good writer you can spew out words that may seem like they must be 100% true. However, if they aren't coming from a source of real world experience it really is just conjecture. If I want...
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    So i beta out of it!!!

    Good on you for telling the world and giving yourself some accountability. I habe done the same thing plenty times. Keep at it and say anything next time.
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    Rollo is right

    The issue I have always had with Rollo, on this forum and otherwise, was that he was never really in the game at all. He has been married forever and most of his ideas couldn't come from real experience, but regurgitations and anecdotal evidence maybe because his wife is super into him.
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    FB game help

    I think 1 girl shouldn't be much cause for concern. I ise social media to keep girls in my orbit but never sweat 1 because I'm chatting up 40. That abundance mentaility can help you out a sh*t ton