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  1. backseatjuan

    Strange followup to a bad date

    The most rationale thought that comes to my mind is the following. She is super hot for someone, the dude NC or some other problem for her, so she shows up for date with you, uninterested, then baam emotions hit her head, she calls uber, goes over, things don't work out, she calls you back. This...
  2. backseatjuan

    Strange followup to a bad date

    Your inability to pay attention and self love is your second mistake you gotta fix, that just immature. The btch messaged op and he aboided her availability trap.
  3. backseatjuan

    Strange LJBF

    ^ +1 OP you stop analyzing.. Your cool shades of reality will come from experience, have lots of experience, without a pause for a thought over rationalization of emotional instinct behavior. Which is pointless. By the way, red pill is a recent thing. Before the red pill there was sosuave...
  4. backseatjuan

    Strange followup to a bad date

    I find you waaaay toо red pilled. You hate women. That girl could be looking for sex just like in your favorite p0rno which you keep watching when that nofap fails. I’m open to things. I’m fckd up in the head and that means women should be too. Why mental masturbate over a woman ideal, they all...
  5. backseatjuan

    Sensitive Situ: Friend's Daughters

    OP why have fckd up thoughts man? I would like you to snap out of the sht for the rest of us. You remember Khabib fight right? That dude comes from a contry within a country that has values. Why you think he fckd up Connor like that? It wasn’t pr. It was honor. Have some honor man. For the love...
  6. backseatjuan

    Strange followup to a bad date

    How are you gonna proceed?
  7. backseatjuan

    Strange LJBF

    Take her out for drinks. Tell her she is a nice girl and would make an excellent wife. Kiss her. Fck her.
  8. backseatjuan

    What should i do

    Yes, exactly the same thing. Thing is man, she is fcked in her brains, jealousy over absolutely nothing. Take a note of her behavior, she should have signs of bpd somewhere hidden in her. Even if there are none, this is a big ass red flag. She has delusions, and alcohol exacerbates it. '
  9. backseatjuan

    Strange LJBF

    Ethical? Tell her let's meet up for few drinks, if she says she's engaged, tell her you're friends, and you really like to have a few drinks with her. Then on the date escalate, and tell her she's a nice wife material, and go for the kiss.
  10. backseatjuan

    What should i do

    I had a girl like that, if it wasn't for her drinking problem we'd be married. You be careful, because this kind of sht leads to domestic violence. She might get drunk enough once and go fck your neighbor, or she might start throwing things around. The best thing you can do is leave her, tho she...
  11. backseatjuan

    Text Game

    I don't text them often, unless it's high interest. In this video guy breaks it down to four types of responses, which I had no clue about.
  12. backseatjuan

    Literally a 10

    Hell yea! I'd buy us a bottle of wine and ask her to drive some place nice so we can drink it, or just drink it in the car.
  13. backseatjuan

    Literally a 10

    You didn't escalate, even tho the setting was right, for escalation, her car. Not even an escalation topic. Geez.
  14. backseatjuan

    Todd V Dating

    Geez, this is an excellent youtube resource check it out -
  15. backseatjuan

    Was Too Blunt - Scared Her Away

    No. Yes.
  16. backseatjuan

    Is this a good way to get my gf to lose weight?

    Why would she lose weight if she already has the man she dreamed of, and then, if she does lose weight she probably will be able to get even a better man, it's a catch22.
  17. backseatjuan

    How to proceed after the 1st date? A bit mixed signals.

    She’s not interested enough, if there was normal IL she’d kiss. Wanted to tell you to wait two weeks, but went with the herd to see how it will play out. After all guru1000 said there is a chance, even the btchs pitched in. Say since you watch ams, how does calling a few days after the date make...
  18. backseatjuan

    Three POTUS tweets timed exactly at the same time as Q drops today. Coincidence? Who is Q?

    Public manipulation. Keep your head down, stay on your grind, make money, fck btches, enjoy life. The only thing real is Russia, USA and nuklear weapons, the rest is sht.
  19. backseatjuan

    Japanese Service Asks Out Girls For You

    Japon is a strange nation. They do however make good cars, everything brakes on Russian roads, except a jap car, they come used here with 100k miles and more and they go without braking another 300k miles. They do everything maticulously with tolerances. American made cars brake new on our...
  20. backseatjuan

    Give me your number instead, on OLD

    I just come up with a perfect solution..! I now give them my friend's number instead of my number, and tell them never mind about whatsapp, give me a call, I'm leaving country in couple of weeks won't be back for a while, and my name is 'friend's name'.