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    Why does it seem that marriage actually kills the LTR?

    I'm married going on a few years and just had a kid. For me, the excitement and thrill are gone with marriage. Wife adores me and i've had some mistakes via flings that eventually came to light. To me, after the last time i was caught, i realized it wasn't worth all the drama of splitting with...
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    Whos doing remote work?

    i've worked at home remote now for 2 years. I work at a very large tech company and manage a team of 10 people and make good money. i'd really like to be back in office with people and also travel for work but currently its on hold. I manage two teams in LA and Amsterdam (europe) but live in...
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    Crypto trading

    I sold my walton guardian masternode sometime in 2018 when it still had value. I saw that you had one as well. holding onto too many ****coins from 2017 that evaporated. Not selling at peaks thinking every project/coin/token would change the world. Very few do. BTC/ETH tend to be safest bets...
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    Crypto trading

    Doing the lords work. I started my own youtube channel for educating my friends and family. Even held training seminars for group education and individual tutoring. I probably helped onboard atleast a few hundred people directly. I think its people like us that really helped to drive...
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    Book recommendations for someone who has read:

    Count of Monte Cristo - a book about a man re-inventing himself after reaching rock bottom due to misfortune. I've read this book atleast 6 times on my path to rebuilding myself.
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    Female game: watching these two go at it

    math a little off here but agreed. Definitely not a fan of AOC.
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    Have no direction with my career, advice needed

    Moving this to the top in case it gets too long to read. To summarize TLDR: 1 - identify and acknowledge your weaknesses. Spend the proper time to improve these weaknesses. Mine took atleast 5 years just to get my weaknesses up to point where it wouldn't be considered a weakness. It took a few...
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    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    Can confirm they have this type of question. It's not if you answer a questions too slow, but they give you a lot of coding questions and even ask you to code during the interview. There are sometimes "questions" where they ask you to code a program and make it a certain time/speed and if it's...
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    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    That's chump change bro. Once you're in this tech space, you'll meet wealthy ppl. I've been driving around in porsche's and R8's for a couple of years (all co workers cars). I know a bunch of rich and wealthy people. Some born into it, some who made it themselves, some a combination of both...
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    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    Yeah, no problem. Happy to help. I know how hard its like to climb the ladder, especially if you're a starting behind the starting line.
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    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    OP is talking about computer science and most likely some software engineering job....not marketing...but I get your point. Software engineers. FYI - IT is not an engineer, they don't have CS degrees, and typically can't put out the level of coding engineers can. IT is pretty much tech...
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    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    Yeah, it really depends on the type of position and caliber you are looking for. OP was spot on with what he listed for GPA and opportunities for tech. It's similar to banking and consulting. The highest sought after jobs will be more difficult but overall, if you're just looking for a normal...
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    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    OP is talking about post undergrad, not post grad.
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    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    My face and name are still on the site so i'm going to hold off on saying but there are community members from SS who know what it is. It's one of the biggest utilizing blockchain.
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    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    I work in tech and I can say no GPA requirement is not true. If you are a new grad, google, facebook, and top tech firms do require your transcript and a minimum GPA. My roommate works in Google in the bay area and mentioned the cutoff is 3.5 GPA. Most of our friends of 20 engineers (mid 20's)...
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    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    Bad grades may not ruin your life, but they will close many doors and make things a lot more difficult. Being hard on yourself has it's benefits and really depends on your own personal goals and ambitions. I've been extremely hard on myself to make up for all the mistakes I made early on...
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    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    I'm 33, work at a company comparable to Apple or Google, management level, and make well into six figures. When I graduated, my GPA was 2.28 and was a top 100 school, not an IVY or even top 50. --- I was in a similar situation as you when i graduated 10 years ago during "The Great Recession"...
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    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    Yes and no. Really depends on how strong your connection is. Knowing someone important is already rare, but knowing someone important and having a great relationship that they'd hire you off the bat is even harder. Assuming there is headcount on my team, i can hire whoever i want if they have...
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    Air BnB Experiences

    don't think you'll be using airbnb for a while but i'v stayed at close to 10 AirBnB's all over the world. NYC, HK, Taiwan, DC, Boston, Phillipines, etc. I prefer it for the most part. Cheaper. Way cheaper. In Taiwan and HK I was paying $20-30 a night for an okay place compared to $100-$200...
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    Who's still working?

    Work in the online content industry and our site traffic just grew by 60% since December. Youtubers, livestreamers, streaming services, and games are crushing it right now. That's the space I'm in. Work is the same as usual but from home.