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    Getting over other peoples judgement of you in cold approach

    Thought I'd make this thread to help people who are self conscience of what others think of them in social situations or public situations when approaching women. This is something I dealt with early on in doing cold approach and some of the SS'ers I skype with are currently dealing with...
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    Girls hate it when they're into you and you're not into them. How I manipulated a 8/10 Tinder Queen

    A girl will give you the most rude and bitter attitude after finding out you are not into them. I mean I'm spinning enough plates so I can now date other girls and be real picky about it and straight humble some of these girls that are Tinder DIVA's otherwise.. who treat nice guys like **** and...
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    A somewhat heartbreaking tale of a true Don Juan

    Alright, so one of my long term friends of 8+ years.. who's about 2-3 years older than me, has decided to take a different route in life.. Backstory: This guy's another natural who always had great success with women since a young age.. and naturally progressed into a beast of a Don Juan. I...
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    Have you ever had a girl pay for your drinks/food/whatever you did?

    I've had this happen quite a few times... Of course every time I would insist I'd pay or try to force her to take the money for it afterwards.. But always got the "no no its fine its fine" .. etc I've honestly felt pretty guilty at times.. Considering some girls I've messed around with would do...
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    That awkward moment when a guy you know starts acting needy like a *****

    I have a friend whos about 31 yrs old.. he doesn't get no puss.. He's pretty much a hermit when he's not going to the club or bars. stays inside and plays video games.. I only met him back when I used to smoke weed, through a mutual friend.. and didn't really consider him a close friend.. but...
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    Knowing when enough is enough.. The Club Game

    A mistake I see alot of guys with great potential make is. They get a girl or two, engage them, have fun.. make out, maybe pull a number or an "add me on fb" (lol). But they don't ever draw back.. They stay in the vicinity.. and continue talking to the girl and her friends.. who are usually...
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    New milf interaction. Not holding anything back .

    So I just met a milf.. She's got like 13 years on me or so. She's super cool and we had some good conversation. Didn't get to talk too much but I am messaging her back and forth now .. so without hesitation I let her know that i think it'd be pretty hot to make out with her/get sexual in the...
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    The Holy Grail is more simple than you can think

    Don't care what a girl thinks of you. Be yourself and have fun. Girls are subtle creatures and can sense any eagerness/intentions . Confident girls know everything you're trying to do.. Even with the "best" of guys.. Since they know exactly whats on your mind, Now they're stance is simple.. Let...
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    When a 10/10 starts using the same tactics you used on her with you

    This is hilarious. So the wheel that I'm most interested in .. who I made feel needy and messed with her emotions like crazy.. 2 days ago she called me out and said something like "Im getting bad vibes from you. you seem like you play mind games wiht people"... and after she tried to go cold...
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    How many girls do you juggle at once?

    I like to do 5-6... Any more, it gets kinda time consuming.. I only add 3-4 new girls to the rotation every few weeks or so just incase one of my girls starts to drift.. I feel like a shepherd herding all these chicks What I mean about juggling is working on girls you picked up or have as...