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    Debunking 'THE PRIZE' - and plates

    If I am "THE PRIZE", why do I need to get a career (that is solid and reliable), work out, be toned and fit, dress well, act well, act like a CLOWN, jumping through a suitors hoops, saying just the right thing, upping my game, playing her game, and just generally trying to be FANTASTIC, all for...
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    Being a 30's Male + debunking 'SMV' chart

    Hi, I'm not sure if many have experienced this/noticed/posted, the issue I am facing and questioning is as I've entered my 30's my attraction to women my age and 30+ women is almost non existent - How do I exactly Mature to be attracted to them? I find women in my age group very mild, all I...
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    My Top, No.1 oneitis from 10 years ago seems to be motioning for something

    We were from the same small town, both 21 - she was killer hot in my opinion - 89% my type - she really wanted me and after being her top alpha and me and her smothering each other in all ways, I started to get very beta, worshipped her, told her how she is the best etc. She still really...
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    Question On Alpha Wolves... (literally)

    I've dabbled in some articles speaking about the nature and hierarchy of Wolves, with relation and comparison to human tribal alpha and beta hierarchy. I'm am wondering and hoping we have some other members that are privy to this subject and would like advice and or opinion on a question I have...
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    High IOI, eye contact and then suddenly condesending and indifferent

    Over the last 6 weeks I've been trying to game this girl that works at a coffee shop in the mall -- It's right in the middle of the walk way and really busy (she's always on the go and never seems to leave the area) Basically she is really really my type and this thing has compounded that she...
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    The 3.5 year 'War of Commit'

    Three Years ago when I was 33 (at this point I came from an awful 7 year drought so was rusty etc) I went out clubbing and met this young petite girl (24), I’d say a 6.5, who was dancing with her friend, within an hour I made moves on her, we soon got to kissing madly in the back of the club and...