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    *advice* Guys, do not waste your time being friends with girls.

    Agree with this. Currently friendzoned and it's exhausting pretending to not care & just in general. No man wants to be friends with a woman deep down. Friends don't ****, and 95% of the time the man would **** his female friend. Someone will have feelings more than friends they just won't...
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    What would you do if you were 5'4 in the UK?

    As someone else who is from the UK. Buy yourself chelsea boots, doc martins, timberlands etc. Big boots basically but not gothic ones. Theres an American company called Thursday boots if you have the money.
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    I had her on a pedestal, now shes in the gutter

    Solid advice. The 10k alarmed me more than the neck tattoo.
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    The power that every man has is....

    Said 'fuming' when i said i'm going out with someone again n when i asked why she said i don't know. Kept asking over n over who she was, where i am taking her etc. And then finally said 'have a nice night with her (through gritted teeth)'. Makes no sense like.
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    The power that every man has is....

    Some good advice here. Currently going through a friendzone bull**** thing. For some reason i did not and still do not have it in me to just say bye n never speak again. When she reaches out i still reply. I do believe in the whole attention thing. I am speaking to her alot less now and my...
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    Let's just be friends

    I meant if i keep speaking as much as we do i will never stop liking her and i am just going to feel ****e everytime she mentions lther lads. If i stop responding i am going to look like i'm hurt won't i?
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    Let's just be friends

    I'm 28, she is 24. She's already popping up as usual snapchatting and messaging me on what's app. Just said again she's going on a date tomorrow. Just for once i don't want to look hurt n retain some sense of pride . It would honestly make things easier if she was massive ***** but she's not...
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    Let's just be friends

    How do you guys handle this? The girl who has said this to me isn't a bad person really so i don't want to come back with a 'go **** yourself' type of attitude but maybe i should. In short, went from hot to cold and then said she likes someone else but still wants to talk as long as there are...
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    What is your weakness?

    Same. Also i have the worst habit ever of texting too much. Not even just friendly either, like they show interest one minute n none the next. Where most people will forget them i continue messaging and accepting calls. So my weakness is probably availibility and always being there. I end up...
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    Stop pursuing women with low and borderline medium interest!

    Have same problem these days. I'm crap at reading women anyway, but this one girl is either ringing me, flirting, and speaking about going out with me for hours too then not speaking for days/busy when i actually say lets ****ing go out then. Just trying to remember what people say on here...
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    Books on sexual dominance

    Any books of sex tips in general would be interesting. I'm not **** in bed at all, but always open too blowing someone away with something different/improving.
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    How to proceed with a girl that has been dumped?

    Makes sense. Cheers mate.
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    How to proceed with a girl that has been dumped?

    Noted. I do like her alot but she is so hot and cold it's mental. I definately feel i am overtexting but that's a bad habit i have always had. Need to nip it in the bud but my mind always tells me dropping contact will make her think i have lost interest/boring.
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    How to proceed with a girl that has been dumped?

    A girl i have been speaking too has recently been dumped (a week ago). I think it's clear she already knows i want too take her out. She keeps going really hot (phoning me for hours, flirting) and then cold (very blunt texting, not flirting). It's bizarre. Anything i post on instagram she...
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    This sucks

    I know this. Feels like she's either in denial or conflicted but at the end of the day like you said she's in someone else's bed not mine. As painful as that is to say. Can't even really avoid her because she works for the same place. Always messages me on whatsapp but i think blocking her will...
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    This sucks

    Was out with a girl i like last night because it was a work thing. Was all over me n telling me she likes me but i was too late asking her out so she is seeing someone else. Who just happens to have the same name and go the places i do. Today she's back seeing him and i hate it and my heads all...
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    Starting from scratch.

    Cowards move mate. She knows that will have ****ed with your head n all.
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    Don't ever think a woman is out of your league

    Guilty of this. I always think alot women are out of my league. Put myself down before i have even started half the time. Hopefully one day soon i'll get some self esteem like.
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    Getting jacked/ripped would eliminate 85% of the problems on this forum..

    In response to the title of the thread. Getting ripped is definitely a plus, i disagree with the size though. At least where i am, theres a fine margin between good shape and too big. The leaner you are the better your face looks and the better your clothes will fit. I am on the too big side...
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    I need help.

    New to the forum, but have known about the site for a while from a friend. Not sure what i am looking for but it might be theraputic to vent a bit at least. Basically, for as long as i can remember i have had issues with women. Recently, i was speaking to a girl for a while but i didn't really...