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  1. Aurora Demon

    Can you change your username? (If so, how?)

    I submitted a help ticket but didn't get a reply yet. I'm about to travel for a week and may not see it. I hope this isn't against the rules, but I didn't see anything about this topic. Worst case scenario, I get banned, and remake an account with the name I want. (jk lol) Please help...
  2. Aurora Demon

    Devi's Trigger ~ Diet & Nutrition Journal

    To note: I have 4 personal trainer's certifications, 2 were not online. And I've had 3 professional sessions with dietitians. I've read and taken classes on diet and nutrition along with learning from more well-versed friends and colleagues. My minor in college was on this topic. Okay, so I've...
  3. Aurora Demon

    Queens, New York

    Message me or reply to this thread. Let's do this. I've done over 2,500 cold approaches. I've been trained by several different major companies (many of which are closed now). I am currently in a slump and need to get back on my game. Who's with me? I don't play around, so we can be...