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    What i'm missing and what to add to my arsenal? Progress so far....

    It's been awhile , since my last breakup , been with 1 new girl 2 weeks ago but however , things seems to re-happen again and again with the old chicks i contacted , wishing things were different. There was this online 'best friend girl' from other town , i though she would finally realize how...
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    Is there a way to fix this and new ones?

    Does anyone ever been through the roughest year ever , like literally to the point that you lose everyone ? Ever since i've been in this depression since the beginning of the year , everything has completely fallen apart in all areas , idk what and why is happening like this? How do i get out of...
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    Suggestion after i take a break?

    So , i've left the "dating" scene for quite long , i DO have lots of things to do , i have some tasks , but to be honest i just don't feel like doing successful as before in person. Online i can be SOMEONE and get options - because there is no real big rejection to the face issue. I don't know...
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    How do i get rid of s.anxiety , shyness , low confidence and social stigma?

    I learned , that when youre more of a 'beta' and 'introverted/shy/closed/anxious' youre actually CONDITIONED to be that way by your toxic/bad parents,who were overly dominant and rude towards you. And about this social stigma , is there a way a person can overcome all of this "chains" that are...
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    My "ex" story keeps repeating over and over?

    From my other topic here , same ex which we know from online 1 year ago. She never really had a relationship quite like we did. I doubt anyone used her for something other than sex , maybe the other guys get bored of her easily , she knew they are far too high value for her , but that's the...
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    My story from rec. path to alpha again to beta **** place

    Hello everyone. Nice to see this forum exists. English isnt my first language but who cares. I won't go to the very first story , but let's just say i'm not a natural success player with women. Introvert + Sometimes extrovert , but always been the shy,overlooked and not appreciated and...