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    DJ Alpha Male PERSONIFIED!

    Ok, this guy* should be the post-new age role model for US ALL and crowned DJ of the month! His article was just dripping in primal testosterone and anti-feminist-BS. I think he about covered it all very clearly, succinctly and UNAPOLOGETICALLY...MUST READ! :crackup: :cheer: :box: His...
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    State Of Emergency!

    After a generation of unbridled female chauvinism in this country, I believe this story represents the ideal life every American woman (inner diva) now strives for: 0% accountability 0% responsibilty 100% power She wants rich celebs to father and cuckold her young. She wants them to raise...
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    Anyone ever try any of this? Dom'd, sub'd, beaten, whipped, etc? What are the basic motivations, guidelines, practices, pointers, etiquette, methods and tips for ****? :kick: How much of it is really mental vs physical "abuse?" And where do you draw the line between real and play? Like...