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    I have noticed some generational differences on different topics, one of them is friends or friendship. The younger forum members don't seem to find value in friendships. In my opinion one of the reasons for this is that in the manosphere we preach self reliance, don't be needy and we seem to be...
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    reddit banning the red pill

    Went to the red pill sub reddit yesterday and apparently reddit had banned them earlier on but had given them a reprieve for some unknown amount of time. I then went to the MGTOW sub and they are apparently on the hit list as well or at least that is what they believe and of course the blue...
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    question for men in the UK

    I was looking at crap on the internet and came upon a supposedly real article about a supposedly real TV show in the UK called Mums Make Porn. On the show mothers make porn and then show their kids in order to fight toxic masculinity and the patriarchy. So I want to know first is this real and...