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  1. Tictac

    Harriet Tubman makes the $20

    Cool by me! What did 'Old Hickory' do anyway? But they should use this picture of her. She was after all a gun toting Republican.
  2. Tictac

    Spot the Alpha

  3. Tictac

    SJWs Punk Themselves - Again

    Hacktivists "Anonymous" announced about a month ago that on November 5th, they would release a list of Ku Klux Klan members. Yesterday (NOT November 5th btw) someone spoofed the Anonymous release which included a not small number of sitting elected officials. Naturally SJWs everywhere lit up...
  4. Tictac

    That Thing You Did That Melted Her Resistance

    No, it's not a line. But it was something you said or did. And after that, you could tell that her resistance was just gone. For example, I was with a woman at my place and we'd both been doing the 'push-pull' thing. So I pulled back, went and mixed us both another drink (relax guys, it was...
  5. Tictac

    New York Times - Iraq WMDs

    From the newspaper that told us endlessly that there were NO WMDs in Iraq - http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/10/14/world/middleeast/us-casualties-of-iraq-chemical-weapons.html?smid=tw-share&_r=1 WTF?
  6. Tictac

    French Airstrike on ISIL

    I've never had much use for the French. I did a lot of business there in the 90s and found them both feckless and imperious (for no discernible reason). But it takes a large amount of balls to conduct air strikes against ISIL when 10% of your population is Muslim.
  7. Tictac

    Everything Is All About Her

  8. Tictac

    Wonders Never Cease

    I met her (45, Chilean, 5'6", blonde, blue eyes, built, sexy as Hell) a year ago at a local block party. We danced it up at a local bar and did some sloppy making out. Didn't see her for over a year after that. Two weeks back, she sends me a Facebook (where I mostly follow my kids) friend...
  9. Tictac

    Push-Pull Dynamics

    I'd like some help and perspective here. For those of us in the 'mature' dating world, what are your best examples of using push-pull with women to increase attraction? Game basics stay the same as you 'grow up'. But there are subtleties. Please share yours with me.
  10. Tictac

    In Praise of 42-yr old Women

    http://www.esquire.com/blogs/culture/42-year-old-women The kiddies are welcome to their ingenues. Pretty wrapping, not much in the package. I love women with a few miles on them that know how to live. This Esquire article is pretty good.
  11. Tictac

    by Helen Smith: Hypergamy, Cars, and Phone Numbers

    http://pjmedia.com/drhelen/2014/03/03/hypergamy-cars-and-phone-numbers/ "I am still reading Shawn Smith’s book The Woman’s Guide to How Men Think: Love, Commitment, and the Male Mind and came across a section on status and why it is so important to men. Status is important to men because it...
  12. Tictac

    Taste it Sweety!

  13. Tictac

    Where Anger Leads _

  14. Tictac

    Creating Attraction, not Rapport, Attraction

    I'm actually pretty good at this. But a 'special situation' requires other eyes, yours. I want to run an experiment. I took a knockout to dinner on Tuesday. Tall, former model, Midwestern sensibilities, stylish and smart - built like a goddess and she knows it. And she is wrapped waaaay...
  15. Tictac

    What if I want to call her?

    I had a good woman in my life until the relationship cracked up at the end of 2011. It was a rough patch for both of us - she had lost her job and the relationship (then coming up on two years) was not the best but still okay. She backed out of a couple of dates in the same week and I just...
  16. Tictac

    What do you say when they break 'no contact'?

    After 4 months of a great relationship, this woman I've been seeing gets bent out of shape because my Match account is still active (she had - unilaterally - idled hers and told me that). I told her that I did check in on Match once in a while but was not seeing or communicating with anyone...
  17. Tictac

    Further On Up the Road

    I've been seeing this woman for about 6 months. I've dated and had enough other women up to and during the time I've been with her. And, thanks to what I've learned here, its gone well. I was running upwards of 4 women as recently as last month. But 'plate spinning' seems like a lot of work for...
  18. Tictac

    I Want Her To Beg For It

    Taking main my lady to Miami for 4 days this week for a black-tie thing on Friday. The rest will be R&R. She knows she's #1 but not alone in seeing me. We get along great. She's a beautiful and classy lady in public. Behind closed doors (and elsewhere), the sex is as close to mind blowing as...
  19. Tictac

    Mature Women and Sex

    I was married a long time. Well that's over. At 58, I've been going out. And while I was hanging with a 30-year old for a while (wow!), I've found older women (starting mid-40s) to be really exciting. There are some major foxes out there! Last night, I went out with a woman who would be a 9...