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  1. AlphaNate

    Nice guy gets blasted by his princess on social media

  2. AlphaNate

    How to REALLY spot a unicorn

    You guys are making this too difficult. Let me explain to you, in detail, how to recognize a unicorn when you see one. She will be beautiful. Her face will be perfectly symmetrical and her body will be that of a goddess. Firm breasts and a tight ass. She will be emotionally stable. She doesn't...
  3. AlphaNate

    "The most beautiful girl in the world" DOES NOT EXIST

    Sick of seeing this phrase. What makes her so beautiful? Ass? Promise there's a girl with a better ass. Tits? Promise there's a girl with better tits. Personality? Promise there's a girl with a better personality. Emotional stability? Complexion? Compatibility? There are always better...
  4. AlphaNate

    Chicks that grab your junk soon after you just met

    Super-high interest or red flag? I've f*cked every girl that's done this, but damn if they weren't all f*cking nuts.
  5. AlphaNate

    Wrist pain during workouts

    I was reading an post on another site about someone who has wrist pains while lifting, particularly during benches and curls. I thought, "That's me!" I don't know why I'd just accepted it as something I had to live with. From reading the post responses, it sounds like I need to work on my...
  6. AlphaNate

    Why brown rice over white rice is bullsh*t

    http://www.aworkoutroutine.com/brown-rice-vs-white-rice/ I've been eating brown rice for quite some time, and I do not prefer it to white rice. But white rice is bad, right? Wrong, apparently! I've been doing some research on this, and white and brown rice are almost identical in every...
  7. AlphaNate

    Judging how women will look later based on (older) female family members?

    Sexy, thin 29-year-old girl. Older sister and mother are overweight. Would this girl be likely to end up overweight?
  8. AlphaNate

    Instagram model posts on r/RoastMe, gets annihilated and deletes her account

    https://www.reddit.com/r/RoastMe/comments/6aeian/****_it/?sort=top I assume she thought no one could think of anything negative to say about her? Some kind of validation search? Absolutely barbaric roast.
  9. AlphaNate

    Guy unconscious, girl unzips his pants and gives him *******; 2 years later, she accuses him of rape

    He was expelled. http://reason.com/blog/2015/06/11/amherst-student-was-expelled-for-rape-bu
  10. AlphaNate

    The most beta lyrics ever written

    There is a song by Boyz II Men called I'll Make Love to You. Ironically, this song is about sex, but if you act like this, you'll never see sex a day in your life without paying for it. This section in particular is cringe-worthy: Pour the wine, light the fire Girl your wish is my command I...
  11. AlphaNate

    Opinions on girls that smoke cigarettes

  12. AlphaNate

    Should I ever apologize to a girl?

    I feel kinda bad about it, but I feel like apologizing is a sign of weakness.
  13. AlphaNate

    Charlotte, North Carolina

  14. AlphaNate

    How do you GENERALLY handle a crying girl?

  15. AlphaNate

    First approach in 5 years (not OC)

    Found on reddit. I always say that to succeed, you need to get out there and fail. Hold your frame.
  16. AlphaNate

    Plate texted "I want a baby"

    No other context. Delete and block?
  17. AlphaNate

    "What are you looking for?"

    What are some good responses to this? To clarify, she knows you want to ****. I typically wing it, or tell her to guess, then act appalled if she mentions sex. Any arsenal additions?
  18. AlphaNate


    I've heard this term thrown around by self-proclaimed alphas/red-pillers. I don't social media, so someone is going to have to explain this to me. The **** is a snap-close? Is that getting a girl's snapchat? I really don't know what snapchat is or what it's for, so no idea if I'm missing some...
  19. AlphaNate

    Lost 40 Pounds (18 kg) - picture (opinions/critiques welcome)

    When my LTR ended in June, I hated what I saw in the mirror. It took me a bit, but I re-joined the gym in December, and have lost 40 pounds (18 kg). When I started the LTR, I was 40 pounds lighter, so I'm really just back where I was. I also learned to cook. http://imgur.com/a/PvGu5 Before...