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    commentary on Pook and everything else DJ

    Lately, thanks largely to the community, I’ve met and attracted about 3-4 women. What I want to discuss today is growth. You see, I have a date today with this girl that I’ve known for sometime. Everything was going fine until I put too much emphasis on her. (by the way the date didn’t happen...
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    I don't post often. But now i need the communities help.

    I don't post often. I am not an advocate of reading a million posts, in fact usually i read and then ACT right away. But it has come to the point where I don't know what to do anymore. The situation is theres this girl i've known for about 9 years. I know her from church, and she is 3 years...
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    Women are like...

    I decided to start a thread that lists peoples analogies about women that start out with the words "Women are like...". Followed by a brief explanation of your analogy. Let's start off with one that I thought of. "Women are like movie previews, edited well, and they only show the best...
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    Anyone ever get involved in an auto accident?

    This ***** I got into an accident with had a lawyer contact me, telling me to forward that letter to my insurance company. Now first of all, my car war damaged more than hers, and this accident was 3 months ago! I am calling bull**** on this one. She was offered medical attention and declined...
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    What are your thoughts on DJ friends and AFC friends?

    I know that people usually have both AFC and DJ friends. I just wanted to know what you guys thought of hanging around them when there are potential HBs around. Sometimes, when I am around my DJ friends, I feel overshadowed and out DJed by them. On the other hand if I am with my AFC friends I...
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    What songs do you listen to, to turn on your PIMP JUICE?

    Essential Songs for the Don Juan I listen to Nelly - Pimp Juice haha. I was just thinking, since people get depressed when they listen to depressing music. What if we listen to mostly DJish music? There was a few songs in the Don Juan Bible, but I feel like we could have a bigger list on the...
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    from AFC to Don Juan

    Like most of you, I am trying to change from AFC to DJ. One thing I must say I am really frustrated about is my friends. They are really nice people, but they are AFCs. I was wondering if anyone had the problem of friends holding them down to becoming a DJ. One example I have is when I go out...
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    Approaching chicks at their job

    Has anyone tried approaching any women at their job? Any stories? You see, there was this cute HB8 at this store Costco (It's a wholesale club like BJs and Sams Club), but she was working the register. I wouldn't want to be an ass and hold up the line just so I can practice my DJ on her. Not to...
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    How to handle a hot girl?

    Hi fellas, like most of you, I am a nice guy trying to get out of the cycle of being rejected and used. Have you guys ever seen a hot girl, and you've felt like you couldn't handle her? I have read/am reading the DJ Bible and Weapons of Mass Seduction, but I feel they haven't touched enough on...
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    Any advice for me?

    Hi All, I'm fairly new to this forum, but I must say I am glad I found it. Women have all these magazines and tv shows(even networks) that they can turn to for advice to fck with guys heads. Yet we have very few resources. Did anyone realize this? Anyway, heres my story. I was at a church...