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  1. Kotaix

    APA designates traditional masculinity harmful to boys

    I don't normally post ragebait, but they've officially gone too far. The idiots over at the american psychological association have officially declared war on masculinity and provided indoctrination guidelines for boys and men. I'm so glad I'm not young and don't have a young boy at this...
  2. Kotaix

    Hassidic Rabbi who gives pre-marital counseling talks about sex and intimacy (LONG video)

    Presented as-is for those that want to watch.
  3. Kotaix

    OnlyFans to ban sexually explicit content

    Simps of the world lament. Onlyfans has gone the route of Tumblr “Beginning October 1, 2021, OnlyFans will prohibit the posting of any content that contains sexually explicit conduct. To ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform and to continue to host an inclusive community of...
  4. Kotaix

    The Psychology of Simping explained - OnlyFans

    TL;DR: "Onlyfans is a way to buy guaranteed acceptance." Essentially you're paying for a digital escort.
  5. Kotaix

    Actual status of covid right now? Nurse/Doctor/Medical field insight only please.

    How is the medical system seeing actual numbers on the ground of covid cases? Locally it seems to be that there are a few more cases but not many. No quoting the news please.
  6. Kotaix

    Cdc days no masks needed, blue pillers quake in fear

    Anyone else find it ironic that all the mask karens have been saying to "listen to the experts" for around a year now, and yet now that the CDC has said that masks are no longer required, they all refuse to take them off? It never ceases to amaze me how blue pilled people are so fearful of the...
  7. Kotaix

    Data that proves that OLD is a complete waste of time.

    Here is an article that breaks down the true futility and time waste that is OLD in exhaustive detail. https://towardsdatascience.com/117-days-of-tinder-in-data-755fe9ed853e TL;DR version: The guy swiped 16,591 times on tinder, got 290 matches and got three dates out of it. This is a 0.018%...
  8. Kotaix

    what is Idaho like?

    I was just in Northern Idaho this weekend and it was really nice to be in a state where the mask isn't required. I was liking some of the freedoms they have as well. Like makes me want to move there. Can anyone enlighten me on what it's like actually living in Idaho? Northern Idaho more...
  9. Kotaix

    Pound your wife, happy life?

    So just to get it out of the way, the title of this is just a play on "happy wife, happy life" , and I'm not married. However, I've noticed that when I have sex with a woman and give it to her hard, she enjoys it a lot more. But not only that, her mental state for the following day or so...
  10. Kotaix

    Women never lie. *video*

    I find what this guy says here to be absolutely true. Women will state what they believe to be true to go along with the narrative, and not what is actually or factually true to I've seen it happen countless times. This is why when men keep their frame, women will conform to it. Thoughts?
  11. Kotaix

    Does anyone else need exercize to stay centered?

    I've started noticing that I have bigger anger problems when I haven't been able to work out, and if I do work out then that stress is gone. Does anyone else experience this or is it just me?
  12. Kotaix

    Equal Rights Amendment, epic backfire?

    So I've been following the news lately and there is talk about bringing back the ERA (equal rights amendment). Normally this kind of feminist bvll**** makes me roll my eyes since women have more rights than men; but when I think about it, this is might be a huge blessing in disguise and backfire...
  13. Kotaix

    Ridiculous sjw article on toxic masulinity

  14. Kotaix

    12-step programs, looking for understanding

    Hi all, this is a post out of curiosity. I have become friends with at least a few people in life who have gone thru 12 step programs to kick some kind of drug or alcohol addiction. But it seems that the 12 step program becomes an addiction onto itself that replaces the drug of choice, and...
  15. Kotaix

    Qualities of a Unicorn.

    So I've been thinking about this for a while, and I think I found my answer. Question is: what one quality in a woman do you think would make you call her a unicorn. My answer is: A woman that will tell you what you're doing wrong. This does exist, I've met two of them and they are some of the...
  16. Kotaix

    Interesting article on mongolian women

    So I'm planning a trip to mongolia, as part of that I was looking for language lessons on youtube and ran across a woman who posted videos over 10 years ago and she was really quite fine, as are a LOT of mongolian women apparently. So what is a DJ to do? Google mongolian women, of course. First...
  17. Kotaix

    man pretends to be a hot criminal on tinder and gets tons of swipes

    he said he raped kids and women didn't care. they just wanted to **** him because he's hot and were willing to forgive any crimes he'd made even if they were horrifying
  18. Kotaix

    cities in the US with diversity of thought?

    So this is surprisingly difficult to google. I'm thinking of moving, and one of the things I'd like to see in a candidate city is diversity of view points and healthy conversations happening (aka cities whose prime motto is NOT "diversity is our strength"). Do you have an suggested cities in...
  19. Kotaix

    How to make a woman squirt (vid link)

    I think this actually works... But it's funny. Poonya colada...
  20. Kotaix

    Boats and Observations of female nature

    I have come into sailboat ownership in the past year or so. Since I've gotten the boat, a lot of my cute female coworkers have been lining up to go out, and I've taken a few of them on the boat so far. One of the things that has been fascinating, has been to hear and see the effect that boats...