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  1. J

    My short-ass friend and growth pills

    I have a friend who's below average in height. 5'6" on a good day, probably. So he tells me he's been poppin' these growth pills, and I'm worried for him. He even shows me the site: http://www.height-research.com/ Apparently this product has some HGH - albeit in non-industrial...
  2. J


    Hey - When I can't hit the gym, I do a quick 50 push-ups in my room with slow repititions. I was just wondering - when you do a wide-grip push-up with good form, what percentage of your body weight are you hoisting up with your arms? Have there been scientific/bio-mechanical studies...
  3. J

    Storing Files Online

    I have about 60GB of mp3s and movie files which I need to store away online, because of computer problems. These are Gigs of personal photos, movies, and music files which have taken me 3 yeasr go collect and are very, very dear to me. Does anyone know of any affordable solutions, like...
  4. J

    On "Looks" - AGAIN!!!

    This is gold. How about we add another OFFICIAL word to the Sosuve.com Lexicon? Replace "look" with "presentation". Presentation" is broken down into four parts: 1. Style (your wardrobe and most importantly - how it refects your personality) 2. Physical Looks (face, build...
  5. J

    Let's say you're a very rich man....

    ... and you end up with a very hot babe. She actually has a college education (even if it's from some bimbo party school like Florida State or UC Santa Barbara), and knows how to hold a convo. You're also a pretty decent catch - you're smart, successful, and decent looking. But what makes you...
  6. J

    All the seduction terms and theory are becoming more and more mainstream.

    LOL. :p http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20041214/ap_on_re_us/wingin__it
  7. J

    ****y & Funny - so simple, it's deceptive.

    Most men who are learning to pick up women have no fvcking clue what '****y and Funny' is, as it relates to picking up women. I will explain the distinction now. Okay, so I'm at this crowded ass cafe on the school campus. There ain't no damn place to sit, so I'm incensed when I...
  8. J


    Yesterday at the gym I was doing barbell shrugs on the Smith Rack. I maxed out at 300 pounds, and did 4 reps. I could've done 1 rep of 315 if I wanted to. I started out at 185, and did a pyramid set. 12 reps @ 185 10 reps @ 205 8 Reps @ 225 6 reps at 275 4 reps @ 300 ... then back...
  9. J

    The strangest thing...

    Haev you guys noticed how much more receptive women tend to be when you are dressed like a scrub? I mean, not dirty like a bagman, but in just your regular clothes, or with your hair mussed up. In addition, this shyt only seems to work on white American chicks. They European girls HATE...
  10. J

    Regarding The_Mole's post

    Listen, you moderators.... I generally have a great deal of respect for you guys, who slave away trying to keep this forum on a sane and habitable level. I give you thanks for that. But I did think that it was wrong for you to just close Mole's thread and ask him to leave. He does...
  11. J

    Mastering My Life: A Quest To Become The Prize

    Wow, totally inspiring. Good luck.
  12. J

    'Being aloof and detached' is misinterpreted.

    .... that advice is crap, if read literally. Seriously what person, male or female, likes another that is cold, and distant? No one. There is a fine line between being warm and personable but also teasingly unavailable, and just being a cold, unsmiling prick/ice-queen. This sounds...
  13. J


    http://www.playboylifestyle.net/ Anyone have the 411 on this site? I was just curious, I found it on the ASF site.
  14. J

    How to be confident in a *Practical* way.

    This post is for the guys that want more than average girls. (Btw, most of you hardcore AFCs or dudes who dont' have their lives together should not even *consider* going for cute or hot girls right now - you are taking things way too fast. Remember - one baby step at a time!! Just...
  15. J

    NYC vs. Los Angeles Girls

    I am considering a move from LA to NYC, so I would like some info on the girls on the Right Coast. I already have an excellent idea bout the females' vibes out here on the Left Coast - outgoing, usually very 'sunshiney', a little vapid-sounding/looking (on the outside), relatively easy to...
  16. J

    More $$ = More Sex? 'We don't think so.'

    http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/afp/20040610/ts_alt_afp/us_sex_money_040610175035 Y'all are gonna like this one. :D Any thoughts on this article?
  17. J


    How do you guys feel about self-deprication? I think it depends on the situation, but generally, it's a good way to show that you're relaxed and secure about yourself. It's one of the best ways to disarm someone in your presence, to put their egos at ease. For example, I have a slightly...
  18. J

    What on Earth happened to the 'Success Stories' forum?

    I thought that was probably the best section out of all the forums, because it gave a concrete example of *what to do* in order to succeed - it was effective because it gave situation-specific courses of actions that were taken to achieve success with a PU. What the fvck happened to it...
  19. J

    Do I have an Intense and Intimidating Gaze?

    An interesting question for you. It seems that when I am in a business/formal or even casual social situation, my gaze seems to intimidate people, or maybe give others the vibe that I'm challenging them (I get that particular reaction the most from large physiqued, "manly" men). A lot of...
  20. J

    Change in a woman's body language

    I was sarging a cute alternative-type blonde at my Borders' bookstore (an employee), and I am just priming her up bit by bit because I know she works there and I will see her often. One of my part times jobs in the same shopping mall as her workplace, so it's pretty much a guarantee that I'll...