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    How to get phone number of a 10/10 lady who's always too busy to chat

    She's a very smart woman whom I have ran into thrice now, her office is just on the opposite side of the road from mine. I think they transfered her back from their Headquarters. She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in the entire world with a body to die for. The issue right now is how...
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    I'm a virgin at 28 who gets really hard whenever I approach any girl of interest.

    I can't believe at 28, I'm still yet to overcome this big challenge of mine. It's the sole reason why I can't seem to successfully ask a girl out let alone get into a relationship with them. Because whenever I get hard it points 90degrees poking out like a pole and I usually quickly end the...
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    She jokingly mentioned she's in a relationship. Do I abort or proceed?

    I'm taking a new marketing training and I met this girl in my class taking the same course. She's smart, I'd say an 8/10, I know she's really attracted to me. I was going to ask her out this weekend but yesterday we were just playfighting in class, it got really intense and midway she instantly...