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  1. dustmuffin

    Woman Keeps Texting and Calling Me to Ask Questions — How to Proceed?

    Don’t go on any more dates with her and her friend. Set up dates with you two alone.
  2. dustmuffin

    Anyone over 40?

    58 here, got out of a three year ltr about a year ago. Not really interested in meeting new women. So I’m on a break. This could change but I really don’t feel like messing with women. Don’t want the drama.
  3. dustmuffin

    Legal Weed VS Street Weed

    Not a smoker, but I have read that legal weed is more potent.
  4. dustmuffin

    Ex girlfriend that breaks up with me now says she loves me and wants to see me

    She dumped you. She will do it again. Run don’t walk away from this situation.
  5. dustmuffin

    Now Superman is bisexual

    They haven’t made a movie yet. It will be in the comic book. Yes a movie would bomb.
  6. dustmuffin

    Now Superman is bisexual

  7. dustmuffin

    "The Hangover" Could Never Happen in Real Life

    Overthinking. It’s just a movie.
  8. dustmuffin

    Milf who does Crystal Meth - hook up?

  9. dustmuffin

    Any of you know anything about people that fence? (I have a date with one)

    I fenced competitively. Fenced in the national championships several times. It is described as physical chess. You have to be intelligent to be a top fencer.
  10. dustmuffin

    The end of the world is nigh….

    Playboy magazine put a gay guy on the cover of its magazine. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna2562
  11. dustmuffin

    Why do women go back to an ex who beat them?

    You don’t want to date a woman like that. Damaged goods.
  12. dustmuffin

    Dealing with annoying lesbian at work

    Challenge her to an arm wrestle. : )
  13. dustmuffin

    More Red flags with FWB?

    You are thinking to much. Just have fun with her and don’t worry about it. She is fwb and that is all.
  14. dustmuffin

    Sit down for this... Tess Holiday is "anorexic"..

    How do you screw Tess holiday? Roll her in flour and look for the wet spot. Or don’t, I wouldn’t.
  15. dustmuffin

    Is having brain fog part of getting older?

    You might have low testosterone.
  16. dustmuffin

    Would You Guys Go On A Date With A Police Detective?

    Don’t do it. She is probably a control freak since she is a cop. Stay away.
  17. dustmuffin

    How would you cut a date short?

    Who cares what she thinks. You probably won’t see her again.
  18. dustmuffin

    Chump invests in very risky stocks so he could get his girlfriend back

    A fool and his money are soon parted.
  19. dustmuffin

    Best ways to increase energy as we get older?

    I use trt. Just gave myself a shot. Gives me energy and clears my mind