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    Calling a girl 'fat' 'fatty' or fat insinuating term of endearments?

    Not seriously but in fun. Have you ever? Would you? And what was the end result?
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    Does your mom annoy you?

    I come from a dysfunctional family. I am slightly older than you so I know where you are coming from but there are two woman in the world whom I'd drop what I am doing if need and that is my mum and sister. No gaming whatsoever. The unfortunate thing about the DJ forum is there is so much malice...
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    Spending New Years alone

    The main event in our town this year costs about half a weeks wage so yes I agree. Unfortunately the media and society in general exaggerates New Years and we the sheep unfortunately follow suite. Turns out she's pretty excited for me to make it if I do and has a bed set up for me to stay if...
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    Spending New Years alone

    It's been an interesting last year or so. It was around this time last year where the same occurred as I knuckled down on my studies. While others passed out and had 'the time of their lives' I'd ended up writing down the plans for my year and luckily made it through this year. Spent this...
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    Is This A Forgivable Flake??

    See bolded. The world is at your feet my friend. The opportunities with woman are limitless and yet you're stuck on the highlighted above. It is human nature to find comfort in something that is constant especially with such a long history but sometimes you've just got to let it go especially...
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    You're the one for me....fatty

    Why not try from a different angle. While I do also believe in the falling on your sword method, I don't think I could bear to watch if it was after someone had been married a few years and popped out a few kids. As blokes, we do by actions so kill two birds with one stone and get him into the...
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    Never confess your feelings through texts.

    Be intent with your thoughts, vague with your words and show her with your actions.
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    What would you tell your past you and future you?

    Both my friend, I seem to have a knack to go off on a tangent until I pull myself back onto the straight and narrow and reset all over.
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    What would you tell your past you and future you?

    Swallow your ego, stop procrastinating and put in the hard yards. Most importantly, believe in yourself.
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    Your life could change at any moment and yet you're here

    Yesterday I went for a check up that I have been putting off for a while. Hey, why do I need to? I'm keeping on top of my study, my body has never been better, I am starting to get some local recognition for my hobbies and brushing off girls throwing themselves at me as I enjoy a large social...
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    Dealing with an orbiting c*ck blocker

    Tips guys? He's been friend zoned and obsessed with this HB for a year or so now but the doors still closed on him. Bloke doesn't like me much because I will chat to anyone and have funand this girl responds lots. Lately I've noticed if I'm at a social gathering and if we strike up a...
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    Love really doesn't seem worth it....

    I've been away for a while but djgirl let me tell you a story. There once was this guy who moved to Australia. Due to his migrant backgrounds guess how his demeanor was in regards to woman and sex - traditional and prude. He aspired to white knightism. Yet guess what that landed him? No girls or...
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    Turning down a 9 even though extreme dry spell

    Recently: bad run with woman and watching female friends cheat on their boyfriends have left a sour taste in woman in me. Set some goals over the summer holidays I want to achieve; ambitions of getting a super ripped body, excelling at my hobbies etc. Basically my thought is if I don't love...
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    What is your greatest single accomplishment?

    Reaching that state of mind where I'm happy and comfortable with who I am, where I'm at and what I want to achieve.
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    Why am I feeling so tired and losing weight?

    With the end of study I've hit the gym hard. My program essentially is 1 day upper and next day lower then a rest and repeat. Throughout, I'm lifting my max without losing form. Nutrition wise, I'm eating A LOT of calories - avoiding junk food but although I let myself have the occasional treat...
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    Yo its ya boy. I have a question. Teach me the ways.

    Enjoy it. If things are going good, what are you worried about. The only thing is to keep doing what you do. You can be crazy about a chick but still be chasing career ambitions, catching up with friends, enjoying your hobbies. Sometimes I think this forum perpetuates the black and grey of...
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    Would you ask out a girl from your sports group?

    I second no such thing as awkwardness. Ask her out but know that once you ask out one chick, word does spread and locks you out from the others based on social game so make your choice wisely. If it doesn't work out just be friendly with her.
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    Need help dealing with regret from missed opportunity

    It's like when we always advice ourselves to never get so invested in a girl. Same thing applies to situations of regret. We can keep over thinking and over thinking and it will become our 'oneitis' but then at the end of the day we're still at square one. You're only human, give yourself...
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    'Bro's before hoes' - When is a girl off limits?

    Social game; where you've made a good grounding of yourself with a good core group of male friends. Yet you're not really part of them i.e. not part of their group chat groups and the likes but you're still invited to social events and a significant voice in the group. Part of that social group...
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    Best response to a girl breaking up with you?

    First of all I'd like to thanks SS for teaching me all this... 'All good, yeah I don't think we would have worked out either' (smiled and walked off in good terms) We bumped into each other at a party that week and guess who was all over me trying to hook up with me. I teased, she tried to...