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    HB7.5 The Ideal Girlfriend?

    Sure, kid.
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    HB7.5 The Ideal Girlfriend?

    Any girl you're in love with will be a 10.
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    The saga: exclusively dating 23 year-old insta model "party girl".

    I'm the benchmark you put yourself against? I'm flattered. Alt account.
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    The saga: exclusively dating 23 year-old insta model "party girl".

    The focus was the very happy times we're spending together, the meals she cooks me (even though they're vegetarian), and the chill dating experience.
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    The saga: exclusively dating 23 year-old insta model "party girl".

    Things are going well. We have good sex, she cooks me dinners (vegetarian, but idgaf, still a home cooked meal), we watch movies, do sports together sometimes, and it's generally very chill. Although I haven't met them in person (too early imo) her parents know who I am and I noticed her mom...
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    Should you hide being rich?

    I'm not rich but doing very well for my age. A chick came over once and after seeing my flat the condom was suddenly optional.
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    Question for very attractive dudes

    Hit the nail right on the head here dude. I mean, if I'm with a very attractive woman I will also point out her looks (not initially, but you know), but if I'm interested in more than her looks I'll put more emphasis on that. Women always point out my looks, it's hard not to, I mean even dudes...
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    Ready to move, US women are worthless

    for real. meeting a cute farmer red head that likes horses and can squat a bale of hay.
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    WTF is going on with the world and this non-binary crap??

    There are two types of trans. Some people genuinely believe they are born in the wrong body. This is a very very small minority of people. Let's call these type #1. The other type of trans people are doing it because it's "cool" and fashionable right now and they have the right amount of...
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    WTF is going on with the world and this non-binary crap??

    Childhood trauma is a big commonality with these people. But if you bring that up you're somehow a nazi. Let's just castrate them instead I guess.
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    Question for very attractive dudes

    Exactly the ages I've been going for. Thinking of going 25+, but they are usually quite "experienced" by then and it kinda turns me off.
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    Question for very attractive dudes

    Mostly how to tell. "Letting". It's a problem because I want someone who likes me and not just my body.
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    Has COVID put the death knell into cold approach?

    I only started cold approaching during covid years so I have nothing to compare to, but have no complaints.
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    Question for very attractive dudes

    How do you handle it when chicks are not really into you but just stay with you because you're hot? How do you filter them out?
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    Cold approach is beta game

    Discussing theory in this form is beta game.
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    Bye bye gains :'(

    Focus on recovering and get back to the gains when you're fit for it. Gains you've previously had come back very fast. Take 3-5g of creatine per day too for a fuller look due to the intracellular water retention
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    Beer Goggles: The New Normal

    This is all true. I've posted some threads about some chicks that tbh none of you could get with if you tried, including some pretty decent tips. But women-hating content is way more popular.
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    Rejected? Should I keep persisting? Getting back in the game (need clarity)

    Anecdotal but one time over fb a chick said she had a bf after I asked her out for a drink. I asked if she'd like to upgrade to a manfriend and said there was a free shipping offer going on. We laughed it off. A year later she invited me over to bang and it was awesome, did it a few more times...
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    had a dream

    Someone do something about this alt account :D