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  1. Willie Naylor

    Different Political Views w/ a Plate?

    Yeah, in my experience talking politics, somebody always gets super p!ssed off.
  2. Willie Naylor

    Banning Pan

    What did he do?
  3. Willie Naylor

    Field report Panama City, Panama

    Good stuff @zinc4 That song's pretty dope.
  4. Willie Naylor

    Diet Hack: Egg Whites

    Eat whole foods. Kiwi, swiss chard, arugula, and red cabbage are great. Balance the level of Omega 3s and Omega 6s in the body. Probably where I'd have anyone start - don't eat anything that comes in a box.
  5. Willie Naylor

    The Women that Comes Easy

    Your typical 1956 woman is the perfect woman - Keeps the house in order, puts the family first, has dinner ready at 7 every night. Yes please. --------- Your typical woman today - very career-oriented, strong and independent, super into social issues. No thanks.
  6. Willie Naylor

    Adriana Chechik wants to Sleep with Her Fans

    Adult Film Star Adriana Chechik Says She Wants To Sleep With Fans (thoughtnova.com)
  7. Willie Naylor

    Dating Lessons you've learnt the HARD way?

    No matter how 'into you' she is, there's always other guys in the picture. "For every hot girl you see, there's 2 guys sick of her sh!t."
  8. Willie Naylor

    Getting no dates, what am I doing wrong?

    We've all been there - the beta lifestyle. Horrible w/ women. Are you a member of any professional groups? Do you regularly do happy hour with co-workers? Half the battle is placing yourself in places/situations where women will notice you.
  9. Willie Naylor

    HB 7, 6.5 on the FB dating app tonight. Threw numbers at me. Advice.

    Sh!t, most chicks these days have already gotten ahold of your dental records and know your blood type before the 1st date.
  10. Willie Naylor

    Why most men don't get laid with beautiful women

    When she turns 19 and realizes she can get laid very easily because of the way she looks, without having to do a single thing, it's game over at that point. Everywhere she goes, guys give her presents in the street, she gets every job she ever applies for, etc. It really is not the girl's...
  11. Willie Naylor

    They will punish you for treating them well. They cant help it

    Generally speaking, Incels always find a way to get super wonky about things in an attempt to derail conversations. Their lives are absolutely miserable and they have nothing to look forward to, so this is the absolute highlight of their day - when they get to find ways to argue with people...
  12. Willie Naylor

    Getting no dates, what am I doing wrong?

    Yes you did, but then you agreed with another poster who basically told you to just stay the course and keep doing what you're doing now. Obviously, whatever you're doing isn't working, so I don't know why you'd agree with someone who tells you to keep doing what isn't working. If you're...
  13. Willie Naylor

    Getting no dates, what am I doing wrong?

    There are certain people in this world who have a 'yeah, but...' for any piece of advice anyone ever gives them. I'm sensing OP might be one of those people. You also notice these guys only ever want to talk to the people that coddle them and say 'everything's going to be ok. you're not doing...
  14. Willie Naylor

    Stop fixating on targets and outcomes. Instead fixate on PROCESS

    OP didn't say anything about being rude to her. He's saying to have a DGAF attitude towards little miss cute t!ts.
  15. Willie Naylor

    Why do women get confidence boost, when being with a dominant person?

    You can't take guys like this seriously. Whenever a guy acts like he's God's gift to women, and they just melt in his presence, as this guy's claiming - you know he's full of it.
  16. Willie Naylor

    Super Seducer - Videogame

    Richard La Ruina, better known as Gambler. He was the only PUA I listened to back in the day.
  17. Willie Naylor

    Stop fixating on targets and outcomes. Instead fixate on PROCESS

    @Atom Smasher I've always felt like I'm lowering my value when I'm showing her I'm impressed by something she says or does.
  18. Willie Naylor

    Stop fixating on targets and outcomes. Instead fixate on PROCESS

    This took me a long time to master. Sometimes I still have to remind myself to be stoic. Great thread.
  19. Willie Naylor

    Beer Goggles: The New Normal

    Go away.