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  1. SeymourCake


    Apparently your height could be a deal breaker on attracting women. I set up my online dating profile to be 6’2 (because I know they filter their searches) and when I would match with a girl, we would chat and I would be upfront with them about my real height (I’m 5’9). Some would change their...
  2. SeymourCake

    One-Third of women admit they go on dates with men for free food

  3. SeymourCake

    7 Steps for Success (good read)(advice)

    Step 1: Prep Work You need to set yourself up for success. Do you have a ****ing job? If not that's the first step to being a happy huamn being lol (inb4 discussion about capitalism). Are you not very intelligent? Start reading the news and studying science courses. (but don't be a condescending...
  4. SeymourCake

    Security Video Outside Of Club Clears USC Student Of Rape

    These *****s need to be persecuted for making false rape allegations. **** this feminist society. If it weren't for the cameras, then this man's life would've been ruined before even starting a career for the rest of his life.
  5. SeymourCake

    The Modern Woman

    Sums it up pretty nicely. Safe to say she represents the current generation as a whole.
  6. SeymourCake

    The Testosterone Crisis No One Talks About

    July 17 of 2017, Labcorp changed their normal testosterone range from : Adult Male >18 years: 348 – 1197 ng/dL to Adult Male >18 years: 264 – 916 ng/dL This is a huge problem for unaware people, anything below <400 is not a normal level off testosterone. Dr Justin Saya an MD said : It...
  7. SeymourCake

    Motivation: This Man is 50 years old

    Working out and eating right will pay off in the future. There is no "wall" for men. Aim for the unlimited sky.
  8. SeymourCake

    Teen accuse police officer of sexual assault

    Modern women.
  9. SeymourCake

    What should I do?

    I'm 27 years old. I ****ed up in college. I initially tried out Accounting, but my GPA sunk low and I was not allowed in the College of Business (Bauer) at my University. I still have no degree. I am doing a program in university in Supply Chain & Logistics. I have no experience. No interns have...
  10. SeymourCake

    The Distribution of Women's Premarital Sex Partners, by Marriage Cohort

    Thoughts on this? Where will this trend continue to head in the future?
  11. SeymourCake

    The Modern Woman

    This is what we're up against.
  12. SeymourCake

    "Just go approach and talk to them, bro"

    Cliffs: -group of girls are talking among eachother about a guy (not the cameraman) that they think is cute -cameraman walks up to the group and says "he is cute" -no reaction from the group -cameraman says "i want to meet one of you" -awkward silence, still no reaction at all -the group of...
  13. SeymourCake

    What is your daily routine?

    What do you do daily that helps you become the better version of yourself?
  14. SeymourCake

    What Women Are

    Women are the designed unholy human sentinels of reproduction. Nature armed them only with the imperative of scanning for evidences of masculine figures of dominance, victory and unapologetic strength. Weakness disgusts them, and strength fascinates them. They don't feel love, they feel...
  15. SeymourCake

    Stefan Molyneux - Time is Running Out

    Stefan Molyneux - Time is Running Out This is an interesting conversation a caller called in free domain radio to speak with Stefan Molyneux. Here's is the basic gestalt. Cliffs: -Woman calls in -She is reaching her 30s and realized she screwed up -She is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder...
  16. SeymourCake

    Adolf Hitler on Feminism

    Put aside everything you were taught about him as well as preconceived notions. Do you agree with his sentiment on feminism?
  17. SeymourCake

    Wow, isn't she beautiful?

  18. SeymourCake


    What cologne does 'The Mature Men' of this sub forum wear when they go out? This is my personal fragrance.