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  1. markfromeurope

    Prison hierarchy and real life - male **** tests

    1) Ignore their remarks. Totally. 2) Get better clothes. Grow beard. Pump on a gym. It's the matter of acting and looking masculine and grown up.
  2. markfromeurope

    Older Woman Wants me to be More Open

    Right, because dating 37y old woman with children is such an incredible achievement and pretty much God's intervention on your side. Get the phuck out from here mate, you will get smarter only by putting hand into the fire. Come back when you will develop some balls.
  3. markfromeurope

    Crushing defeat

    I don't feel like that at all. I consider that psychological feeling of unity on stadium as similar to mass hallucination. You can shake a hand on stadium with a guy and later on he will try to phuck you over at work or phuck your gf. It's enough for me that I need to deal with false ppl irl, I...
  4. markfromeurope

    Dating an woman in her 40's

    As far as I am concerned, run for the hills brother.
  5. markfromeurope

    Dating an woman in her 40's

    Once you hit 40 and you have spewed out four children that drain your wallet as phuck only thing that remained is sincerity about being G.o.l.d.D.i.g.g.e.r. G.o.l.d.D.i.g.g.e.r. かニ旺 G.o.l.d.D.i.g.g.e.r. (かニ旺) 【G.o.l.d.D.i.g.g.e.r.】
  6. markfromeurope

    Here we go again... should i next? low interest?

    Dude, ghost her. You could've blitz her previously but now you're like a checked 6/10 option. You're ok if no one hot will be around. Don't burn the bridge but you probably won't score here and even if you will, it will be probably once. So I'd just keep it very low interest for you. Make a...
  7. markfromeurope

    Possible Divorce, Too late to change?

    You don't understand and you won't understand until she is having sex with you. Sex with BPD women is always very good and it overrides strongly your objective thinking. Basically speaking you are coming here and writing something like: "Well, I treatened her with a divorce because she was...
  8. markfromeurope

    For men 35+, where are you meeting the ladies?

    I'm younger than you but what I'd do if I were you would be following steps: 1) Invest in good photo session (near some old theatre, class 0 antique architecture) and dress well for this session (not stuck up, wear nice jacket, shirt etc. but don't overdo it) 2) Use these photos along some good...
  9. markfromeurope

    I really wish I never tried online dating you guys

    You are doing it wrong. I got best date on Tinder (woman I'm meeting right now) when I brutally preselected them in my bio (like "I won't date women that are X and are doing Y, you may freely go left I don't care") or smthng like that and bam! Best matches I could get suddenly start to appear...
  10. markfromeurope

    Caught girlfriend cheating just now.

    It's over if you lost respect for her so much that you perceived her as a *****. I perceived my ex as a bi.tch and it was over for her and for me as well. So it's over about her for you - use this time to mature - trust me, break up is often about you needing to move on as well, it's more like...
  11. markfromeurope

    I'm a fvcking child

    Mate, First and foremost concentrate on yourself. Don't escape into hobbies, do what you have to do to make everything better for you. Get real with women as well - 13 years old younger woman won't date you unless you are really hot and somewhat rich, keeping up with instragram and posting...
  12. markfromeurope

    So quick question it probably has a thread already

    Haha, sorry I like to think in terms of mythology and history and legends as they were the best/primary source of information regarding manhood for more decisive generations of males. You might think about it in terms of D&D system if its easier for you to imagine. The idea is that one 9/10...
  13. markfromeurope

    So quick question it probably has a thread already

    Few examples: 10/10 SMV - perfect mix of King Warrior Magician Lover 9/10 SMV - Apex King lacking other top traits/Apex Warrior lacking other top traits/Apex Magician lacking other top traits/Apex Lover lacking other top traits 8/10 SMV - strong King/strong Warrior/strong Magician/ strong...
  14. markfromeurope

    Woman’s Charachter

    Women is the mirror for the man really. You're built to do everything to look the best you can in this mirror for mirror to accept your look before you will metaphorically get consumed by Mother Nature willingly through your offspring from this carnal relationship. Escaping this fate is usually...
  15. markfromeurope

    Sexual Market Value - Decreases Substantially DUE TO KIDS

    Well there are Hank Moody type of fathers (master frame dwarfs neg-hits to SMV to large degree) but most of the guys are different.
  16. markfromeurope

    Experienced Guys [+40y old] advice for younger men

    1)Asking for advice is not asking for mentorship. Period. 2)Typically you are talking with ppl in person close or professional enough to discuss such topics, yet you are talking to them here as well. People here are not for a typical convo really. Asking somebody for stories from his own...
  17. markfromeurope

    Sexual Market Value - Decreases Substantially DUE TO KIDS

    OP is using predominantly his physical appeal and sexuality for quick conquests (it's the SMV "tip of the iceberg") because his true SMV is lower due to having children (sexual market value is calculated differently for women and men but having children always affects it considerably) so women...
  18. markfromeurope

    Sexual Market Value - Decreases Substantially DUE TO KIDS

    IMO you're crossing the line and spoiling the market when you blatantly lie that you don't have kids when you have them - if you think that sleeping with women and couple weeks later revealing the truth about yourself will turn better for you , then you are wrong simply because lie is a lie and...
  19. markfromeurope

    “I Love you” and the razor’s edge

    I've never heard in my entire life my father saying "I love You" to my mother with romantic tone in his voice. Actually he probably never have said it to her when we were around. I think it's better to show it with your deeds rather than say it. There's something incredibly weak about man...
  20. markfromeurope

    Nice Guy tried Really Cold Approach and Dodged the Bullet

    Yes, you are definitely in position to assess X superiority over Y when you know shiite about me, him or whole situation. Carry on my wayward son.