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    POF Milf Report - Fingered her but smelled :(

    Coffee, please meet my PC. LOL yes that is funny!
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    Don't Fvck The Monkeys

    Let the Monkeys fvck each other...Never forget my trip to the Cincy Zoo when I was like 12 or monkey sniffing another one down, then getting in back and mounting it, funny as heyll. There was plenty of other monkeys there...
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    Married. How many guys have a side dish ?

    This is the catch. Women can always get what they want somewhere and they know it. So, when you kick them out, be a gentleman and hold the door for them while they carry things out.
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    Any kickboxers/boxers here?

    You are at a tremendous advantage when you can size up people as you encounter them.
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    Itchy beard

    Hemp oil seems to work well for maintenance. I have trouble with dandruff from my beard in the Winter. I do ok with Selsun Blue- the bottle with the red lid. There are different ones.
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    Reducing cortisol

    ^ This. It has gotten to that point in society. I've noticed those who don't give a dam, do a lot better in general. Type in "how to not give a F (or D, don't remember which) and Google it. You'll get a list of hella good lessons on how to achieve this mindset. I'ts not difficult. The hardest...
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    Has anyone tried fasting? How effective was it?

    I fasted once, for a colon screening. Lost four pounds. lol
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    What if you find out your mental condition is bad ?

    I've found that people who try to convince me that I am crazy or anti-social, are the ones with a problem. My therapist a few years ago taught me this. Ex used to accuse me of being Anti-Social. I would say "if I get to hang with my friends, I'm Plenty-Social. Her friend was doing the same...
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    Anyone with insomnia?

    Benadryl can be helpful, give it an hour or so. CBD oil helps a lot too. Sometimes an extra dose does the trick when sleep is stubborn.
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    Meeting with engaged ex

    OP- Several good notes as you wish, but now you know what could happen in all scenarios. You dodged a bullet like someone else said, now you know how she is, and that will likely not change. And you got a bunch of that azz, nothing wrong with that although it could get you in a bit of...
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    Kettlebell good cardio?

    Thanks for sharing...this I will try. Need to start a regimen, again lol. Gonna make sure to use the mirror, can see myself messing up @ 0:26 without one :oops:
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    Went to a meetup, asked a lady out, interesting response

    Seen this myself...I end up thinking, "Ahh, now I'm meeting the real you!" of course never say it, but...yeah. I've noticed that too. It's fake...not a good sign of their self image. I've seen this a lot, they are often even so bold as to show the difference right in their profile...
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    Went to a meetup, asked a lady out, interesting response

    It's the guy who seems like he's looking for a relationship that tends to scare them away, IMO. They just want to sample the platter for now.
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    Went to a meetup, asked a lady out, interesting response

    Good stuff here... Yes you could use it in new surroundings, language barrier not so much of an issue, just the local slang and cultural differences. Didn't mean to high-jack your thread Rick. Didn't think about starting another one, if I had the context wouldn't have been understood ...
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    Went to a meetup, asked a lady out, interesting response

    When I attend my first one, I want to sit back and watch and see what happens among everybody, etc. If I jump in head first not knowing the "rules of the game" I'll end up crash and burn from inexperience. That's what I'm getting at. Like Confucious say...hungry man climb tree to get Cherry...
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    Went to a meetup, asked a lady out, interesting response

    The reason it might not be for me- is from past experience, i've always found that I do better with women one on one, rather than among a group of women. Doesn't give them a chance for their friends (female, usually) to decide if you're good for them. Just a woman thing I think, as no men I...
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    Went to a meetup, asked a lady out, interesting response

    I just realized that even though I've always wanted to try a meet-up, it might not be for me. Or, looking at it from another angle, perhaps I do. Thinking it's not for me, as in a group of men and women which usually causes something I've dealt with too much in life...DRAMA. But maybe I need to...
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    Kettlebell good cardio?

    If you don't mind my asking, which kettle bell workout? Can you post the web address? and thanks...
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    Some man was so desperate that he raped a vegetable woman

    That sucks....could someone from the public have walked in and done this? I agree w/ fanatic 10 years is a heck of a long time. Was she still in a coma, or just awake but a vegetable... Takes a creepy sob to do that.