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  1. PeasantPlayer

    Why you should never have a guru and why nice guys are the devil

    Diets turn in to religions, I'll eat what I'm comftable with
  2. PeasantPlayer

    Kettlebell good cardio?

    Messing up helps identify adjustments nothing wrong with messing up
  3. PeasantPlayer

    "The best way for the average man to get women is lie your ass off"...

    Not worth all the effort. I'll enjoy myself getting better
  4. PeasantPlayer

    Cute black chick- I like skinny ugly guys

    I've been known this for decades, looks is not so black and white
  5. PeasantPlayer

    Anybody else think face is way overrated in women???

    She's my type to a tee l, but up close female or male the flaws get bigger. Women more so cause they make up illusion
  6. PeasantPlayer

    Kettlebell good cardio?

    This one
  7. PeasantPlayer

    Training philosophy repitition or diversity?

    I'm skipping legs they are big and muscular
  8. PeasantPlayer

    Training philosophy repitition or diversity?

    McGregor believes in repetitive diversity I guess? I feel the same way I want to keep my week diverse and interesting. One day weights and cardio another day kettlebell and cardio 1 day jump rope weights 4th day weights kettlebell Opinions let's discuss?
  9. PeasantPlayer

    Do girls ever make the first move on a guy.. or ask them out?

    Wow lots of coincidences before that encounter some chick came in to store. And some guy was getting rung up a few people before me. Chick grabs a cart and immediately goes to the guy "you look familiar" he replied she does to they started naming people and couldn't figure it out. The dude was...
  10. PeasantPlayer

    Do girls ever make the first move on a guy.. or ask them out?

    Think I got hit on today, was in a store today around the corner from my house so you see regulars often. Went shopping for a few things and some chick was behind me with some chips and a drink. While in line she strikes up a conversation she was like "I usually eat healthy, but every time I see...
  11. PeasantPlayer

    Do girls ever make the first move on a guy.. or ask them out?

    Life is strange,when I was in shape I was cold approached by women. Had a women leave me a note, had women find my number and call me (that's when I was younger) been followed in a mall, but for the life of me I can't get a match on tinder Go figure
  12. PeasantPlayer

    Alpha male strategies on YouTube.

    It baffles me a guy that looks like rsd Tyler gets women, sorry but not sorry hahahaha
  13. PeasantPlayer

    Some man was so desperate that he raped a vegetable woman

    Terrible, is it really that bad out there? Why do they keep people so long in vegetative states? Doesn't it vary from state to state? It must be expensive
  14. PeasantPlayer

    Jeff Bezo's Divorce

    I agree
  15. PeasantPlayer

    Kettlebell good cardio?

    Just did a 30 minute kettlebell youtube workout and 30 minutes regular cardio. It was a beginner video but it kicked my ass!
  16. PeasantPlayer

    Kettlebell good cardio?

    Lean cut
  17. PeasantPlayer

    Kettlebell good cardio?

    Send em down
  18. PeasantPlayer

    Kettlebell good cardio?

    I'm down
  19. PeasantPlayer

    Confirmed, there is something that makes Atlanta garbage.

    Never got the hype about atl. Lots of people from chicago moving out that way like it some holy land mecca. To me it looks humid hot and boring. Also lots of people say atl got some of the best looking black women, but I beg to differ from what I've seen. You can approach women in some places...